Neighbourhood shops?

shoptophousingThe West Ward Councillors recently nominated the Fullers Road/Greville Street area and the Mowbray Road/Hinkler Crescent area for potential shopping centres. However, this might mean surrounding high rise residential development to support the centres.

On the Have Your Say Willoughby site Council invites you to attend the combined West Chatswood possible new centres Design Roundtable. When: Wednesday 10 April 6.30-8.00pm. Where: Willoughby Council Chambers, Level 6, 31 Victor St, Chatswood

Or CALL INTO A DROP-IN SESSION focusing on the Penshurst St/ Willoughby Sth Local Centre. When: Saturday 6 April, 10.00am -12.00noon. Where: West Chatswood Library 565 Mowbray Rd W, Lane Cove North


5 thoughts on “Neighbourhood shops?

  1. Thnx for your letter box drop re the possible Greville St redevelopment. I’m a Davies St resident and I’ve tried to register for the 10/4 round table but it’s full. I’ve registered with the council in case they schedule another. For what it’s worth, I have no probs with redeveloping the current site but the possibility of high-rise development to support the businesses does cause me concerns. But why do it anyway? With the CBD so close, I just don’t see the need to add greatly to our already-abundant shopping options.
    Would appreciate it if you could keep me informed.
    Ian McD

  2. Clr. Campbell pined: I also oppose this (over development Ed.).

    It (the original idea) seems to have morphed from an idea to have a couple of properties repurposed as small retail like a bottle shop or greengrocer to a massive Lane Cove style unit complex. Definitely not what I was expecting or hoping for.

    I appreciate that the officers have put some hard work into developing options for this, but I think it’s far beyond the scale originally envisioned when we asked them to consider options for the 20 year horizon.

    Anyway, the FYI is to let you know that I don’t support something on this scale, and I think the best thing for concerned residents is to register opposition on the Have Your Say website before it closes on the 30th. I’m also happy to present a petition if there is appetite for one amongst the residents.

  3. From another local resident:

    I fully support more shops in the local area. And indeed higher density housing in the area such as semis and town houses.

    I frankly cannot understand why the alternatives seem to be low density such as present or high rise. Why can’t Council look at something in between?

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