Developer funded projects


Council can levy new development for funds for specific projects across the city. As can be seen below the current update of these regulations identify a number of projects with our Ward. There are a number of interesting aspects to these proposed work.

  • Total expenditure over 5+ years of nearly $11,000,000
  • Whilst West Ward represents around 25% of the city(including the CBD) our allocation is just over 20% of funds to be spent Due to the CBD, we should be receiving at least 10% more than other Wards. So we are being ‘short-sheeted’ by around 30%
  • A new synthetic grass field costing $1,000,000 (precise location unknown at this stage)
  • $2,200,000 to be spent on sporting facilities at Chatswood High School
6 Waling tracks from CBD to Lane Cove River 250,000 Medium-term
7 Signs for walking tracks 90,000 Short-term
9 Lane Cove River suburbs stormwater outlets 60,000 Short-term
10 All suburbs creek banks 150,000 Short-term
11 All suburbs foreshore protection 100,000 Long-term
22 West Ward playgrounds 1,350,000 Short-term
26 West Ward picnic shelters, BBQs 100,000 Medium-term
32 Chatswood synthetic grass field 1,000,000 Short-term
35 Chatswood High multi-purpose synthetic court 200,000 Medium-term
36 Chatswood High School indoor sports facility 2,000,000 Long-term
37 Refurbish tennis courts for multi-purpose use 500,000 Short-term
43 Zenith centre improvements 275,000 Short-medium-term
47 Joe Cianter studio improvements 28,650 Short-term
48 Mosaic centre 40,000 Short term
52 Devonshire St day care 10,000 Short-term
54 Extension bicycle network 30,000 Medium-term
55 Upgrade bicycle routes 10,000 Long-term
57 Upgrade bicycle routes 10,000 Long-term
60 CBD pedestrian access 200,000 Medium-term
72 Bus shelters 15,000 Medium-term
73 Bush shuttle 25,000 Short-term
TOTAL West Ward 10,943,650
TOTAL City 50,953,300
West Ward percentage 21.48%
Short 1-3 years
Medium 3-5 years
Long 5+ years

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