Chatswood golf club update


Chatswood Golf Club

Chatswood Golf Club has been struggle for some time. Membership and revenues have been falling. In an attempt to redress both problems, the Club embarked on a renewal project. It has been working for some time looking at various options that could help secure its future.

The Club sees itself as owning/leasing a community asset and providing community benefit. So it was looking for a solution that was aligned to this ethic.

The Club has struck an agreement with two organisations, Folkstone and Watermark to provide:

  • a new clubhouse
  • resturaunt and bistro and bar
  • health & wellness centre
  • pool
  • gym
  • cinema
  • and an 14,000 sq.m upgrade of the golf course

In addition, there will be a seniors living retirement complex.

The redevelopment has been designed with members, visitors, local residents and seniors living residents in mind.

The retirement village will be run by Watermark who have a similar village at Castle Cove. Folkstone is the developer.

Currently the Club is in discussions with Willoughby Council re lodging off a site compatibility certificate. There is still a long way to go to get approvals and much community consultation, is planned. The Club has undertaken to release further details as the project develops. The new facilities are expected to open in 2018.