Highway, Albert, Oliver, Centennial


A man has been taken to hospital in a critical condition after he was struck by a car at the intersection of the Pacific Highway, Albert Avenue and Oliver Road. He was crossing the Highway with his wife and dog. The man sustained spinal and head injuries and was been taken to Royal North Shore Hospital in a critical condition. The woman received minor injuries after falling during the incident. The injured dog was taken to the local vet.

The CWWPA has been lobbying Roads & Maritime Services (RMS) and Willoughby Council and Police for years to rectify this dangerous location. Maybe something will be done now someone has been nearly killed.

The Police report the car was travelling southbound on the Highway meaning it probably ran the red light at Albert Avenue. Many cars have been observed doing this and we have reported this  specific problem.

Many times on the Highway the Centennial Ave lights are green and the Albert Ave lights are still red for a while so cars cruise through the whole intersection, often at speed. Even railway replacement buses have been seen having trouble stopping at the red on Albert.

The Pacific Highway is an RMS Road.  Please refer to the local traffic committee agendas and minutes on the council website for information about previous complaints:
In particular refer to:
  • Item 6.1 in the agenda and minutes for the 15 Aug 2018 meeting concerning Pacific Highway and Victoria Avenue; and
  • Item 6.2 in the agenda and minutes for the 20 June 2018 meeting concerning Pacific Highway/Albert Ave/Centennial Ave.
Referring to the recommendation of the item 6.2, 20 June 2018 meeting, CWWPA will consider at its next meeting in July 2019 the following for referral to the council traffic officer:
“A car and pedestrian collision occurred at the intersection of Pacific Highway, Albert Avenue and Oliver Road on 27 June 2019.  With regard to item 6.2 of the Local traffic committee meeting on 20 June 2018, can the RMS and council update CWWPA on the progress of safety and performance improvements at the intersection as well as funding for the intersection under the NSW Black Spot Program.  Can NSW Police advise if any additional monitoring of traffic flow and safety needs to be implemented at this intersection?”  


To become a member of CWWPA, direct deposit $20* with your name in the reference field to BSB: 032090 Acct: 548083 & complete our Membership Application. Renewing members $10. *Non-refundable and subject to meeting membership criteria.




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