Eddy/Devilliers Heritage

EddyConservationAreaClr. Saville provided additional information about this proposal. She reported that her “family and I compiled the nomination for the (b) Eddy/DeVilliers Conservation area. Anyone can submit a heritage nomination. Nominations are then assessed each term of council by heritage consultants, and councillors make decisions based on the advice of the consultants and community feedback.  The heritage architects/consultants report recommended the Eddy DeVilliers Conservation Area proceed as it was consistent with criteria for listing.”

Inter alia from fieldwork the consultants had found that 46 out of 70 houses were highly intact. However, in 2018 an independent local planning panel concluded that the area wasless unified than the consultant’s narrative seems to suggest and the quality of both individual and groups of California Bungalows and other inter-war period homes are not outstanding. The Panel noted that as the area is not exceptional overall, listing may dilute the value of existing heritage conservation areas.

Council hosted a residents meeting and concluded that the overall outcome of the discussion was not in favour of listing.

The Officer’s recommendations to Council was not proceed with the listing to make Eddy Road and De Villiers Avenue a Heritage Conservation Area.

Councillors adopted the Officer’s recommendation.


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