9 Centennial Heritage

July panel meeting

We received the following information from a local resident:

Some of you may have received an email this week from Council’s re Willoughby Local Planning Panel (WLPP) re the meeting on Tuesday 28 July 2:50pm which will be considering the 9 Centennial Av subdivision proposal DA (link follows).
I am planning to attend and would welcome any who would like to join me. At present I am not planning to speak. My personal view is that considerable efforts have been made to achieve a sympathetic subdivision. Perhaps, like me, you would have preferred an outcome where this historic home and its entire curtilage was acquired on behalf of the community for educational and community use. Sadly, neither Council nor the Dept Education were inclined to do so. Nevertheless, once restored, that possibility for the home is still not extinguished. However, in lieu of that ideal and after the many years of such a long and fraught struggle to preserve the heritage building, this outcome seems an acceptable compromise.  
A significant continuing concern is that there appears to be no time limit or mandate for the restoration of the heritage building. The summary below states: “conservation works, alterations and additions will be subject to a separate DA”. I will be making further enquiries re this aspect and it may be necessary to address the Panel on this.
I have extracted the sketch of how the streetscape will appear following the proposed development as well as an extract of conclusions at the end of the substantial “Statement of Heritage Impact” document, (which is a worthwhile read).
Notification (Category A/B) – Subdivision of one lot into two lots, construction of an attached dual occupancy, landscaping and associated works. 
Link to documents
If you feel you would like to address the panel the notification states you must register by 12 noon 27 July:
Should you wish to listen or address the Panel on this application use this link:
Thank you once again for your tireless efforts. The ongoing preservation of this home is a great outcome.
EXTRACTED FROM “Statement of Heritage Impact”
9.0 Conclusion and recommendations
In summary, the proposed subdivision and proposed new dwellings at No. 9 Centennial Avenue, Chatswood, are considered acceptable from a heritage point of view. 
The proposed subdivision and new development have been carefully considered and developed in consultation and with input from Council. 
The proposed subdivision has been designed to provide as much open space around the buildings and curtilage to the item as possible. 
The proposed removal of the garage and laundry additions and new access handle from Jenkins Street will have no adverse impact on the item. 
The primary form and original details of the building will be retained and will continue to be a visible feature along Centennial Avenue and Jenkins Street. 
The proposed new vehicular and pedestrian access from Centennial Avenue will have no adverse impact on the item. The street frontages will be improved and new, appropriate fencing and path to the item are proposed. The driveways will open up and improve views to and appreciation of the item and will also improve and enhance the entry to the item.
Whilst some trees and plantings are proposed to be removed from the site, new landscaping with replacement trees and plantings will also be provided with a garden setting for the existing and new buildings. 
The proposed new dwellings have been setback from the Centennial Avenue frontage and appropriately align with the neighbouring residential development to the west. The setback and alignment highlights the existing item and its corner setting. 
The new dwellings have been designed to complement the streetscape and do not mimic or detract from the item. The building form, height and scale have been reduced and walls and roof have been articulated to reduce the overall bulk and scale of the development. The new dwellings are contemporary in character, however, also incorporate complementary and appropriate materials and colours. 
The building and site have been neglected for a number of years, so overall the works are considered to be positive and will provide incentive for the repair and use of the existing item so that it can continue to be a historic and aesthetic feature in the area (conservation works, alterations and additions will be subject to a separate DA). 
The proposed subdivision and new dwellings will have no adverse impact on Chatswood Public School or any other items in the street. The subdivided site, access handle and new dwellings are setback and distanced from the other items in Centennial Avenue and highly significant School buildings and elements which largely address the Pacific Highway. 
Overall any potential adverse impacts are also reduced by the retention and improvement of item, site garden and open areas, retention and provision of appropriate fencing also site and street trees and plantings. 
On this basis, Council should have no hesitation in approving the proposed works on heritage grounds. 


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