Highway blackspot

BlackspotIn early December 2019 we wrote to the Premier:

The Chatswood West Ward Progress Association (CWWPA) via the Willoughby Council Traffic Committee (where you are represented by Mr Ken Rutherford) and Willoughby Council have been lobbying the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) over a number of years to get resolution of the problems that plague this stretch of Road. In a recent study, the road was judged to be the third worst section of road in Sydney from a safety and crash perspective. At the last meeting of CWWPA it was resolved that we write to the Local Member (Premier) advising that the Pacific Highway between Boundary Rd and Mowbray Rd and especially between Fullers Road and Albert Avenue is a known traffic black spot. We would appreciate advice from yourself on what your government is doing to address this issue.

We have received the following advice from the Minister for Transport and Roads. It appears that our lobbying has generated at least some changes to be implemented.


From what we can make out a “changeable message sign” is some form of electronic sign such as the ones below:

ChangebleSigns examples

We are hoping for over the road gantries like along Military Rd.

Changeable Message Signs (CMS) are used in permanent positions above or adjacent to the roadway for lane designation or traffic management applications in New South Wales.

Whilst the Minister mentions some changes that have been made for city bound traffic on the Highway (traffic lights tilted down), nothing seems to be planned to control traffic exiting Albert Avenue approaching Centennial Ave.

Evidently, this is all the changes o be made as whilst an upgrade has been identified as being needed, there  is no funding available.

Sadly, state elections are not scheduled until March 2023.


To become or renew as a member of CWWPA before March 30, direct deposit $10* with your name in the reference field to BSB: 032090 Acct: 548083 & complete our Membership Application.  *Non-refundable subject to meeting membership criteria.




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