Then and Now

A series of photographs of historical sites in West Ward counterpointed with a contemporary photograph.

Chiselhurst – Chatswood High School

Chiselhurst‘, originally called “Maroomba” was built in 1892 by John de Villiers Lamb. Described as a fourteen roomed double storey house with stables, on fourteen acres. Hordern bought it from a K. Weidlmann in 1906, who had bought it in 1900 after Lamb’s death. The property was resumed by the Department of Education. Chatswood High School opened on the site in February 1959.
Regrettably, the house was demolished some little time later
Chatswood High School

Millwood Avenue, Chatswood West

Heading east up to Chatswood from Lane Cove National Park – 1930 Image: SLNSW
Gumnut Cellars on Millwood Ave near Fullers Rd