CHS Olympic Sports Hall

Read the story below about the failed attempt to establish an Olympics Sports Hall at Chatswood High School.

In the run-up to the 2000 Olympics in Sydney there was high demand for Olympic quality sporting facilities where athletes could train.

After representation from constituents, West Ward Councillour Terry Fogarty asked the General Manager how Council might be able to assist in the development of a sports hall. He responded that Council had money in reserves that might be able to be used. “We could probably fund a building. BUT we do not have the land”. said the GM.

Around the same time, the Government was providing funds to schools to build sports facilities. Chatswood High Schoolhad land where a sports facility could be built. The GM and Principal of Chatswood High School met and agreed in principle that such a scheme was viable. To build the facility that is. What was missing was a plan to operate the building. Working from the model that had been used at Chatswood West Bowling Club, Council Officers scoured their contacts looking for someone to operate the hall, make a profit and cover maintenance and other costs. Unfortunately, no one could be found.

Council kept its planned contribution in their financial accounts for some years.