Is less, really less?

Clr. Saville has asked the following question of the General Manager”



“It would appear that there is a decrease in level of service and extent of infrastructure
due to decrease in staff numbers. Is this correct?”


The General Manager’s response: NO.

High customer satisfaction ratings, an increase in staff since 2017/18 and declining vacancy rates do not support the assumption of declining services and staff levels.

During 2018 Council undertook a Community perception Survey. Results of this survey highlighted an overall performance satisfaction index score of 72. This compared favourably with available comparisons (Sydney Metropolitan Councils satisfaction index 61 and Victorian Councils satisfaction index 64). This indicates a high level of satisfaction with Council’s performance.

Since the 2017/18 financial year Council’s staffing establishment full time equivalent (FTE) from 406 FTE to 410 FTE. These positions have been allocated to facilitate more roadside vegetation trimming (two positions), improved urban design (one position) and other minor staffing adjustments.

Since the adoption of the budget, staffing turnover (staff departures as a percentage of establishment staffing) has fallen from 9.21% as at December 2017 to 7.88% as at December 2018. This does not support the assertion of a decrease in staff numbers.

The reduction in expenditure in staff costs is a combined result of the fact that Council budgets for full employment of its 410 FTE as well as the time taken to recruit new staff following a departure from the organisation. In some cases, short term labour hire/agency staff or contractors are engaged to maintain service levels during these periods.

Infrastructure spend and the number of infrastructure projects has increased, rather than decreased over recent years.


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