Thank You Principal Blakeney

MowbrayNewsAt the meeting of the Chatswood West Ward Progress Association last evening the recent departure of former Mowbray School Principal Anna Blakeney was noted. Our members asked if their tribute to Ms Blakeney could be forwarded to her. We are hoping that you can oblige.


The Association was sad to hear of Ms Blakeney’s departure after what we believe has been an outstanding career in education spanning over 23 years at Mowbray.
Whilst at Mowbray we recall that some of Ms Blakeney’s outstanding achievements were::
  • the sale of a small portion of land with a specific reason in mind
  • securing the entire funds from the sale of land into the school’s bank account
  • the subsequent utilisation of the funds to build a school hall
  • negotiating with Willoughby Council to take on responsibility for the maintenance of the school oval
  • negotiating with Willoughby Council for a number of school improvements including an amphitheater and upgraded play equipment
  • negotiating with Willoughby Council on a variety of trafic and pedestrian safety issues and achieving solutions to the problems she outlined
  • operation of the school tennis courts in such a way that the funds generate covered maintenance of the courts and cash transfers to the school account
  • achieving an ‘out-of-box’ outcome by negotiating to divert federal government global financial crisis funds to the replacement and expansion of the school library
  • establishment of the childcare centre within the school grounds and the retention of rents raise to the school account.
  • oversight ofthe design, construction and delivery of a new school building catering for 1,000 students
  • Growing the student population from the low 200s to around 600.
  • construction by Willoughby Council of lights on the school oval
  • securing DET grant co-funding for rooftop solar panels for the school
Ms Blakeney was renowned not for her diligent cooperation and compliance with education department process for securing change at school. More importantly she had a tremendous ability to ‘take the school community with her’. Most importantly, Ms Blakeney’s utmost concern was alsways for the education and care of the students entrusted toher.
We wish Ms Blakeney well in her future pursuits and thank her from the depths of our hearts for her contribution to the City of Willoughby.

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