Rail bridge advertising

TransportfNSW has proposed digital advertising signs on both sides of the Albert Ave rail bridge.

Consistent with the previous directions of members, the CWWPA Committeee approved that we lodge an objection as follows:

Digital signage Albert Ave, Chatswood rail bridge.
The Chatswood West Ward Progress Association (CWWPA) objects to the proposed installation on two primary grounds:

1. SAFETY. There is a heavily used pedestrian crossing immediately to the west of the bridge. The road dips beneath the bridge. This means that motorists travelling east on Albert Avenue would likely be distracted by the proposed signage, averting their gaze away from the pedestrian area. This will result in an increased possibility of a pedestrian/vehicle conflict.

2.HERITAGE VALUES: Immediately adjoining the proposed signage on the eastern side, The Garden of Remembrance is a heritage listed shrine. At the time of construction of the bridge the Dept. of Transport/RailNSW spent a lot of time and money in providing a sympathetic development.. The proposed signage affronts these principles.

The CWWPA is a community-based organisation . Our area of interest is the entire West Ward of Willoughby Council. The proposed sign is within this rea. The Association actively engages over 18,000 people within the Ward view delivered newsletter,monthly updates and current web-site postings plus social media.  The Association is not against the installation of signage within the Chatswood CBD but it must be to an agreed standard, safe and non-confrontational.


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