COVID recovery plans

COVID-19 has, and will continue to, have an impact on our local community and economy.

The Willoughby Community Recovery Plan and the Willoughby Economic Recovery Plan are

based on the current available data indicating the areas of highest concern. The Willoughby Community Recovery Plan concentrates on the first focus areas of Health and Wellbeing, Mental Health, Isolation, and Impact on Under 35s with the last area of Economic Impacts covered by the Willoughby Economic Recovery Plan.

Resources This matter does not require additional resources. Actions outlined in this report can be undertaken within current staffing and budgetary resources. The actions are within existing approved budgets.

The closure of Council services and facilities has led to significant revenue losses that have put pressure on Council’s financial position. The forecasted loss of revenue for 2020/21 is $10.1M as detailed in Figure 1. This impact is $3M higher than the $7.1M revenue loss initially forecast.


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