Electric vehicles recharging

The weekend read: EV charging meets Blockchain – pv magazine International

In the light of the need for a national goal to achieve net zero emissions, there is a role for all Local Governments to assist to that end. One element of the Council role must be to adapt our urban infrastructure to reduce carbon dependence through energy and vehicle substitution to the extent possible. I hereby move that CWWPA write to Council: 

  • Suggesting that Council produce a simple chart of the metrics of annual renewable energy usage planned vs actual out to 2030. 
  • Asking what proportion of the Council’s vehicle fleet has been converted to EV? Where are the recharge points located? What is the rollout plan for recharge points from 2020 to 2030.
  • Asking what is Council doing to convince owners and Owners’ Corporations that it is in their interests to retrofit all apartments for EV charging?
  • Asking what is the Council doing to ensure all future dwellings (conventional and high-rise) are configured for EV recharging
  • Will Council amend the DCP by end 2020 to achieve the required 2050 outcomes.

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