No smoking

NoSmokingFrom a resident:

In the last few years I have noticed the increase of public smoking, in the streets, laneways, shopping mall car parks (ie. Chatswood Chase), pretty much everywhere.
The effects of cigarette smoke is noticed immediately and it is rather unhealthy, uncomfortable and intrusive to pedestrians who choose not to be subjected to cigarettes.
It would be a health advantage if Chatswood CBD is declared a smoke free area. Create enclosed smoking areas and if the public chooses to neglect, they can receive on the spot fines. The council can leverage existing parking officers to extend their reach to fine smokers who choose to ignore.
Not withstanding the barrage of cigarette butts that are merely thrown into the streets, the smell of cigarettes emitting into the air and in your face for that matter and the overall health concern of it to  all the public I believe needs to be taken seriously.
I have found this on the NSW health site: but to what extent these laws can be applies to banning the entire Chatswood CBD area from smoking remains to be seen.
Tell us below what you think about this matter.

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