Chatswood Golf Club

We have received the following notice of motion. it will be considered at our meeting on the 24th September.

DA 2020/117 – Chatswood Golf Club Seniors Development

The Chatswood Golf Course site is strategically located between three native bushland reserves – Coolaroo, Ferndale and Lane Cove National Park. Willoughby Council has identified the importance of uninterrupted wildlife corridors linking these canopies. There is community concern regarding the proposed excessive loss of 255 x trees as documented in DA 2020/117 (Chatswood Golf Club Seniors Development). We are also concerned the Site Compatibility Certificate (SCC) was issued upon an Arboricultural Assessment Report that clearly proposed the loss of just 28 x trees, not 255 x trees as proposed in the Development Application (DA).

Tree Loss Discrepancy (SCC vs DA)

A subsequent issue is that 100 of the 255 x trees that are proposed to be removed in the DA actually fall outside of the approved SCC footprint (refer attachment). Given the dramatic change in scope relating to tree loss the current Development Application (DA) should be refused, and a new Site Compatibilty Certificate (SCC) application should be initiated.

Motion: On behalf of local residents in the vicinity of Chatswood Golf Club, the Chatswood West Ward Progress Association requests Willoughby City Council to :

  1. Investigate the proposed excessive tree loss and identify ways that will significantly reduce the number of trees proposed to be removed.
  2. Investigate any regulatory issue with the proposed asset protection zone falling outside of the SCC footprint on RE2 Private Recreation) land and the E4 Environmental Living zoned block.
  3. Investigate why the Integrated Development should not be assessed holistically as a single “Master Plan” integrating all facets of the development together (Serviced Self-Care Housing + Club House + Course Upgrade) and assessed as a single DA.
  4. If two separate DA’s are to be assessed identify the potential environmental impact associated with the 60,000 cubic metres of landfill proposed to be stockpiled on the golf course fairways. Recommend appropriate mitigation strategies to prevent a potential environmental catastrophe from runoff of sediment into the Lane Cove River catchment area (refer attachment).
  5. Recommend that the DA in its current form be refused, and that a revised SCC be submitted to the Sydney North Planning Panel (SNPP) for assessment

One thought on “Chatswood Golf Club

  1. This is awful. You should be looking to preserve our older trees as much as possible. 255 trees is way too much and you shouldn’t be allowed to do so.

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