255 bus issues

jammed busIs this an answer for the problem?

The 255 bus seems to be encountering ever more difficulties. Lone Pine is a particular problem because of parking on either side of an already narrow street.

Today, a bus was trapped half way along (not sure exactly why) and traffic entering at both ends piled up. The situation rapidly developed into one that couldn’t easily be resolved, as school buses were lined up in Eddy, and there was no room for cars to reverse out of Lone Pine.

Possible solutions? Difficult. One option would be to permit parking on one side only (residents without off-street parking would be upset). Another would be to widen on the western side (also probably upsetting residents).

The concern is that State Transport will axe the service because would-be passengers will give up, giving ammunition in the form of declining patronage to those who would like to axe it for cost reasons.


2 thoughts on “255 bus issues

  1. Council response:

    Thank you for your email dated 29 May 2019 regarding safe bus access in Chatswood west.

    Council Traffic team has completed a review of the STA bus service route #255 (De Villiers Avenue/Eddy Rd and Lone Paine Avenue) and community consultations on street parking changes have been completed. Majority of the local residents support proposals to introduce new timed No Parking restrictions on De Villiers Ave/Eddy Rd and Lone Pine Ave, to support the safe and efficient movement of STA buses operating between Chatswood and Chatswood west.

    Traffic reports with recommendations have been prepared for the Local Traffic Committee’s review on 19 June and Council’s final approval.

    I hope this assists, happy to discuss if you have any further queries or contact Daniel Sui (Senior Traffic Engineer) on 9777 1000.

  2. On the 19th June Council is proposing:

    * The implementation of new timed Bus Zone regulatory parking restrictions in De
    Villiers Avenue, Eddy Road and Lone Pine Avenue, Chatswood.

    * That Transport for New South Wales and State Transit Authority are requested to
    immediately supply a fleet of smaller sized buses suited to safely, efficiently and
    reliably operate the 255 bus service operating between Chatswood Transport
    Interchange and Chatswood West.

    * That the implementation of timed No Parking regulatory parking restrictions in De
    Villiers Avenue, Eddy Road and Lone Pine Avenue be considered following receipt of
    advice from Transport for New South Wales and State Transit Authority.

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