Lights near bushland

floodlightsnearbushland.jpgCouncil’s Natural Heritage and Bushland Advisory Committee (NHBAC) is recommending that Council develop a Light Pollution Impact on Bushland Policy.


NOTING the recent community discussions about light pollution at O H Reid Oval, and further NOTING that Willoughby City Council has no policy concerning light pollution impacts,


1 That NHBAC ADVISES Council

1.1 that there is a body of evidence which indicates that light pollution adversely impacts native bushland fauna;


1.2  that light pollution should be controlled to protect nearby bushland from these impacts;


2 That NHBAC RECOMMENDS that Council:

2.1 should develop and adopt a light pollution policy to guide planning, development and other decisions by Council which might affect bushland;

and, following adoption of the new policy

2.2  invites other Councils with boundaries in common with WCC to adopt similar policies (e.g. North Sydney Council’s Tunks Park area);


2.3 educates and informs property owners about the impacts of light pollution on bushland fauna, and ways in which light pollution impacts can be minimised.







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