Keeping the horses in

An application has been lodged with the Sydney North Planning Panel for the adaptive reuse of a heritage building and construction of a mixed use building consisting of seven (7) storeys, 118 residential apartments, commercial tenancies, carparking and associated works.

989 Pacific RosevilleThe application relates to the property at 989-1015 Pacific Highway, Roseville.

Prior to the construction of the Chatswood to Epping rail link this site was acquired by State Rail. The building near the corner of William St is heritage listed. It was once the Horseland Saddlery.

Refer DA-2017/181


New Ward powers?

Local planYesterday, the State Government announced that it is considering giving Ward Councillors (rather than full Council) the power to make Local Environmental Plans (LEPs)  for their Ward.

This was announced along with the news that the government would consult about stripping Councils of some of their powers for determining Development Applications.

Determining a DA is an operational activity. Councillors establish the rules then Council officers assess the DA and determine the vast majority of them.

Making a LEP is a strategic activity. The Local Government Act emphasises the role of Councillors to act strategically.

These moves have a distinct ‘rob Peter to pay Paul‘ flavour.