New schools

The Chatswood community has been complaining about the condition of its public schools for decades. The Primary school is grossly overcrowded. Much of the High school is in disrepair. In response, after an energetic campaign by the Chatswood Primary school P&C the government finally decided to try and address the issue. In doing so, residents are concerned that the traffic impacts of so many additional pupils being dropped off will be chaotic.

Chatswood Primary School


The current pupil enrolment (which is well over the normal size for a primary school) will be accommodated by the addition of new buildings. This begs the question: Where will new enrolments generated by the high-rise residential development in Chatswood be catered for? It is suggested that the school can retain its ‘Bush Campus’ at Chatswood High School and evidently the Department of Education is seeking a site for a new primary school – the soon to be vacated ‘Dive Site’ on the corner of Mowbray Rd and the Pacific Highway has been suggested as a likely candidate.

There will be two multi-storey high-rise buildings (P1 & P2) and the school hall will be relocated to provide more useable open space. There will also be an on-site staff carpark with a sports court above.

Residents in Jenkins St have expressed the following concerns about the plans:

  • A huge change to the low-density landscape of our beautiful residential area!
  • Major concerns about the process undertaken and the plans presented.
  • Lack of appropriate consultation of key stakeholders.
  • Lack of consideration of significant changes to the landscape and living conditions of residents on the western side of the Highway including disregard of a significant heritage site, major changes to zoning regulations and increased noise and traffic.
  • Failure to explore and/or plan for reasonable alternatives including redistributing student numbers.
  • Failure to acknowledge that the size of CPS site and its location is not appropriate for 1600 children.
  • Building P1 will be 6 stories but surrounding residents fear that there may be a roof-top play space (effectively making this a 7 storey building overlooking residences). There is also concern of the traffic impact in Jenkins St from the staff carpark.

Chatswood High School


There will be four new buildings (Q – 4 storey, R- – 4 storey, S – 5 storey and T – 2 storey). Building T will used as a new hall (the existing hall will be retained. Vehicluar access for staff parking will not change. Apart from the traffic implications, there is concern about the impact on a heritage house on the corner of Centennial Ave and Dardenelles Rd.


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One thought on “New schools

  1. Received from a local resident:

    In respect to Traffic problems, we have been given multiple assurances that the very serious concerns of the residents will be addressed in the planning, and that remedies will be defined in the application they will make to Dept. of Planning. That has proved yet another nonsense statement. I note in respect to traffic they say Willoughby Council and Transport NSW will provide their own response to the Dept. of Planning and that ‘Following this, DPIE will make an assessment of the application and provide draft conditions’. Basically, having acknowledged the problem exists, and that they are going to magnify that problem, they are washing their hands of the matter and punting it to Council and Transport NSW.

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