Club Willoughby developments

Heart of Willoughby

Club Willoughby and Hyecorp Property Group have announced receipt of its long-awaited Site Compatibility Certificate! With the Certificate, Club Willoughby has secured approval from the NSW Department of Planning and Environment to advance a development application that seeks approval for building of a brand new state of the art club as well as seniors’ housing.  


Mobile Phone Base Station

Fullers Phone TowerA poster has been placed on at least one power pole on near 245 Fullers Road advising of the imminent installation of a Mobile Phone Base Station on behalf of TPG.

It is noted in the details at that the tower is required to improve 4G reception in the area.

Public consultation is open until the 20th September 2018 via the address above.

Satisfaction Survey


SatisfactionReally ?

Over 71% of the 723 people who responded to an independent survey rated the overall performance of Willoughby City Council as ‘good’ or ‘very good’. Only 4% rated Council’s performance as ‘poor’ or ‘very poor’.

Free activities, excellent parks, outdoor spaces and art centres, are among the list of things council is doing well, with scores well above the state average, according to a residents’ survey.

Services that rated more than 80% ‘good’ or ‘very good’ were libraries, waste and recycling, maintenance of bushland areas and parks and ovals, art centres, the appearance of public spaces including the Chatswood shopping precinct, and community and cultural activities.

Services rated more than 70% (‘good’ and ‘very good’ combined) were children support services, the attractiveness of streetscapes, caring for the environment and elderly support services.

Top of the list of the ‘best things Council is doing’ were the free activities like Vivid and Emerge Festival.

What was not revealed was how the current results compare to the results from past surveys.

Threat to garden removed?

Garden of Remembrance

A strange saga is unfurling regarding a new building being proposed next to the Garden of Remembrance near Chatswood station.

Willoughby Council owns the land which is leased to CorVal.

This week, objectors to the proposal were advised in writing that the proposal had been approved (deferred commencement consent) by the Northern Sydney Planning Panel.

The saga started when CorVal approached Council with the proposal seeking consent for them to lodge a development application. Council Officers, acting under delegated authority granted Council consent. After the proposal was lodged, Council officers assessed it and reported generally in favour.

The Sydney North Planning Panel considered the proposal and approved it with conditions.

The proposal had been strongly opposed by the community and the Chatswood RSL Club.

Last Monday night, Willoughby Council decided to object to the proposal. They intend to write to CorVal advising them that the current lease  does not permit such a development.

CorVal have already listed their building for sale, citing the approved DA as a benefit to any purchaser.

Hope for OH Reid?

BackflipAThere are now only two main sports grounds in Willoughby without spotlights – OH Reid Oval and Bales Park. Council recently published their intention to install lights at both. First off the rank was Bales Park. The residents objected and Council did a backflip.

What are the implications for OH Reid?

With Bales Park off the agenda, now only OH Reid remains to allow Council to provide more playing time for sporting clubs. So expect a proposal to install lights (and maybe synthetic turf).

In the 1990s, Council tried to install lights at OH Reid. This move was defeated by resident action. Read how residents stopped the lights in the 90s.

The local community will need to reassemble to fight the next Council onslaught.

From this to that?

473 Mowbray     Pool shop

A Development Application has been lodged to change the use of the quaint little convenience store at 473 Mowbray Road West, Lane Cove North to a Pool Shop.

It would be quite sad to see this business removed. Along Mowbray Rd West in the suburbs of Lane Cove North and Chatswood West there are precious little convenience facilities.

Sign of the times?