9 Centennial Heritage Listing

9 Centennial Protest

Save this historic house

The Association recently wrote to Willoughby Council seeking advice on the next steps in safeguarding the house. Council responded as follows:

“In response to your email I can advise that the following steps are required in progressing the listing of 9 Centennial Avenue as a Local Heritage Item:

1)    The Willoughby Local Planning Panel (WLPP) is required to provide advice on the Planning Proposal (being the proposed listing as a Local Heritage Item) prior to the draft Local Environmental Plan (Planning Proposal) being forward to the Department of Planning and Environment (DPE). The WLPP provided advice to Council on 31 July, 2018. This advice is consistent with the resolution of Council to forward the proposal to the DPE for Gateway determination. The advice is attached to the report to the Council meeting of 27 August, 2018 (Monday night) on the comprehensive heritage review.

2)    The draft Local Environmental Plan (draft LEP) for the listing of 9 Centennial Ave as a Local Heritage Item is required to be forwarded to the DPE for Gateway determination. The paperwork for this is complete and it is anticipated to forward the documentation on Tuesday 28 August, 2018 following the Council meeting of 27 August at which the WLPP advice is tabled.

3)    Once DPE has provided Gateway determination it is placed on a 28 day exhibition. This will include a notice in the North Shore Times, notifying the owners of the property, Ward Councillors and the relevant progress association (in this case West Ward PA).

4)    Following exhibition the proposal is reported back to Council detailing submissions received in response to exhibition and recommending whether to proceed to make the LEP (list the property).

5)    If Council resolves to list the property it is forwarded to Parliamentary Counsel for gazettal.

Note, protection of the property currently exists under the Interim Heritage order (IHO) applicable to the site. From the date the exhibition of the draft LEP commences, protection is provided under the provisions of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, 1979 (EP & A ACT 1979). It is anticipated the exhibition will commence before the end of the year. The IHO is due to expire on19 February, 2019 (by which time the draft LEP provisions would be in place). The applicant has appealed the Court’s decision on the IHO which is due to be heard on 21 February 2019 (after the IHO has expired).”


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