Council & COVID 19


Along with other Progress Association President’s We recently participated in a ZOOM briefing by the Mayor and CEO on Council’s reponse to COVID -19. Issue covered included:


  • All 142 Head Office staff working from home or some to Depot/outdoor tasks. Vulnerable staff/partners sent home immediately. Multi-union local government SPLINTER award utilised
  • Cooperative agreements with casual staff to ensure access to JOBSEEKER
  • Post SARS Council had well developed Pandemic, Business Continuity and Technological Support plans
  • Fully compliant with social distancing including within work vehicles
  • Medical and some food supplies (past/rice) difficult to source. Toilet paper stolen from public toilets
  • Business relief package of $1.6M for Council tenants
  • Changes to legislation to allow working from home, virtual Council meetings, live webcasting
  • Volunteers replaced with Council staff for services such as Meals on Wheels, Linen, shopping/delivery
  • Participates in Hospmarket in the Interchange where local food outlets (including Dougherty) use for delivery at lower cost
  • New online engagement with gym members, youth, library (plus more mobile library)
  • Lights on from 5-7pm at Beauchamp Park, Willoughby and Artarmon ovals
  • Free parking at TNSH in Council carparks for hospital workers
  • Das still being processed
  • Programs to reduce fixed costs
  • State government’s financial support package may yield $80,000
  • State government’s Emergency Services Levy waived
  • Mayor and CEO have used their delegations when appropriate
  • Current operations will be extended or wound-back as necessary
  • lt for community to respond appropriately to DA due to no change to exhibition times (Federation will seek extensions)
  • DAs no longer published in print. This may continue post-COVID. What alternatives could be used?


To become or renew as a member of CWWPA before March 30, direct deposit $10* with your name in the reference field to BSB: 032090 Acct: 548083 & complete our Membership Application.  *Non-refundable subject to meeting membership criteria.




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