Changes to buses

From Sunday 24 January, changes will be made to some bus routes and timetables  across Willoughby, Ryde and some parts of Parramatta to improve the frequency of services on key routes, with improved connections for customers travelling to the city or within the local area and more than 700 extra weekly services added to the network.

Transport for NSW has worked closely with our bus operator, State Transit (STA), to determine the changes, and they are based on Opal data, and feedback from customers and stakeholders, so we can deliver services where and when they are needed.

There will be some adjustments to existing local and city services to support new all-day frequent services on two key routes, which will operate every 10 minutes, seven days a week, and to allow for better connections to other modes of public transport such as ferries. These new frequent routes will be:

·       Route 500X – West Ryde to City

·       Route 120 – Chatswood to City

To reduce duplication on the network, some routes will be replaced by new routes or extra services on other routes, while some current routes will be shortened but retain their current route numbers.

·       The M52 and 520 will be replaced by the new frequent route 500X between West Ryde and Hyde Park, and by route 501 between Parramatta and Pitt Street at Central Station. All customers between Parramatta and Top Ryde will have the same or better frequency on the new 501 than currently on the M52. Route 501, which currently terminates at West Ryde, will be extended to Parramatta, maintaining direct access for customers travelling along Victoria Road to and from Parramatta.

·       Existing overnight services on route 520 will operate under a new route number – Route 500N – between Parramatta and the city.

·       In the Willoughby area, existing routes 272, 340 and 343 will be replaced by new routes 115 and 120.

·       The new all-day frequent route 120 will replace existing routes 272 and 340. This will serve both Wynyard and the QVB in the city.

·       Customers travelling between the Willoughby area and North Sydney can use new route 115, which will replace existing route 343 services. Route 343 will continue to operate between Kingsford and the city with the same service frequency and hours of operation.

·       To support the withdrawal of route 340, there will also be some minor changes to routes 200 and 333, with route 200 changing to operate between Artarmon (Campbell Street) and Bondi Junction, and additional services added to route 333 in the Darlinghurst and Paddington area.

To inform customers of the upcoming changes, signs will be installed at bus stops. Details of the bus service improvements and updated timetables are now available online and you are encouraged to plan ahead to make the most of the extra services that will be introduced from 24 January.

Kind regards,

Transport for NSW


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