Crown Lands decision

A recent Court decision may have wide implications for how Crown Lands are used and managed.

In NSW, parcels of Crown Land have typically been dedicated for a specific use. The court case involved land Reserved for Public Recreation. The judge found that such land can only be used for public recreation.

In the past, many parcels of Crown Land Reserved for Public Recreation have been alienated for Private Use. Typically, the land has been leased (either by the State Government of local Councils) to a private body (such as a tennis club, swimming pool or golf club). Often these leases contain clauses that the land must also be available to the public (often for a fee).

The Court determined that clauses seeking to provide access to the public for such land did not meet the relevant test. So, the finding has widespread implications.

We are waiting to see if Councils and the Land Department appeal the decision. If not, we would like to see the process and timeline for returning alienated Crown Land to the public.





Foot (soccer) Golf

Will we see Foot Golf being played on Chatswood golf course?

footgolfFoot Golf is a sport played on a golf course in which a soccerball is kicked into a series of large holes, the object being to complete the course using the fewest possible kicks.


The sport is on the rise in Australia including being played on Northbridge golf course.


Many golf clubs are falling on tough times with dwindling participation rates and income. They are scouring for alternate fraternities and revenue streams.

Read more about Foot Golf

E-Tag rip-off

tollboothDid you know your eTag battery can go flat?

When this happens, it does not register at the Toll Booth.

Then the Toll Operator issues you with a Toll Infringement Notice. They charge you the cost of the unpaid toll plus $1.10 administration plus another charge of $10.

Given you may make multiple trips with a ‘flat battery’ your costs will soon skyrocket. This is exacerbated due to the fact that the toll operator waits a couple of weeks to issue the notice. You could be up for hundreds of dollars.

A morally and unethical aspect of this situation is that the RMS and the Toll Operator can see that you have a ‘low battery’, but they do not advise you. RMS advised that you need to listen to the beep which is different if the battery is low (or no beep I guess if the battery is dead flat).

I recently received a couple of notices for two days for around $ydney. I argued that the eTag with a low battery was’not fit for the purpose that it was provided for‘. The Toll Operator agreed to waive the extra fees and only charge for the outstanding tolls.

If you travel with a trailer or caravan you should list the trailer on your eTag account as when a tag is not detected the camera takes a shot of the rear of the vehicle. If you list the trailer the toll charge will go to your account (presumably without a ‘fine’).


Boat Trailer Parking changes

boattrailerparkingWilloughby residents are being encouraged to have their say on the proposed introduction of new boat trailer parking restriction across the entire Willoughby Local Government Area (LGA) through a community consultation process. This follows recent amendments to the Impounding Act, 1993 that grants councils new powers regarding boat trailer parking restrictions.

The changes have been developed to:

  • discourage the nuisance caused by the long term parking of unattended registered boat trailers on public roads – often by people who do not live in the local area; and
  • encourage the off-street storage of boat trailers and free up on-street parking spaces for local residents.

The new legislation relates only to registered boat trailers, with registered box trailers and caravans not included. The changes will enable Council to implement tighter management arrangements in relation to registered boat trailers on public roads.

If the new powers are applied, boat trailers must move at least every 28 days, and must move at least one street block. If the boat trailer does not move, Council must provide the registered owner with 15 days’ notice before impounding the trailer. The changes to the Impounding Act, 1993 also provide Council with the option of establishing a charge for the release of an impounded item.

Council considered a report in relation to this matter at its meeting on Monday 14 November, 2016. The report may be accessed and viewed online at—Minutes/General-Council-Meetings/2016-11-14/

Community feedback will be open until 5pm, Friday 17 February 2017

  1. Take part in our survey on, or
  2. Send a letter to Willoughby City Council PO Box 57, Chatswood  NSW 2057, or

Scientology “creep”


The Church of Scientology at 126scientologyjan17 Greville Street is trying to “creep” their hours of operation. Their approved hours of operation are 8:30AM to 8:30PM, 7 days a week with premises to be vacated by 9:30PM.

There has been numerous complaints about late might noise as parisioners leave well after approved hours.

The Church now is requesting the hours of operation of the ’business premises’ and ’place of public worship’ are restricted to 7.45am to 10.00pm, 7 days a week. Except for security staff and/or cleaners, all staff, parishioners and visitors shall: – vacate the premises via Greville Street no later than 1 O.OOpm to 10.30pm. – vacate the premises via Millwood Avenue no later than 11.45pm. Parishioners typically do their theological studies throughout the day in study periods of 2.5 hours. On Sunday mornings, those already on site attend a one hour service in the Chapel which takes place within the standard hours of hours of operation.

Full details are available on the Council Website.

READ ABOUT what is now proposed

Based on prior feedback CWWPA will lodge an objection to the proposed extension of operating hours.


Council fails with Currey Park

curreypark2The following comments from a nearby resident may indicate that as Council has previously stated, they are too busy thinking about amalgamation to respond to resident’s reasonable requests. Also, it is concerning that it appears that our Ward Councillors are not on top of this issue.

“Can Council please advise on the following outstanding issues with regards to the Council Albert St carpark renovations, which included chopping down 10 trees in Currey Park and its subsequent consequences. Some of the issue have been outstanding for a long time.

  1. Councillor Saville’s query of 25 October 2016 regarding a green screen – see email below.
  2. Timing to replace the 2 trees that were removed by Council workers on 17 Nov 2016. Also, can the trees be of larger size then the previous trees, and capable of growing to at least 12 m as required by the DA approval condition
  3. Status of the transfer of 50 car spaces from the youth centre precinct. This query was asked of Council in October 2015
If Council is unsure of the details regarding any of the queries, please ask and details will be provided.
Even though much time has passed, the residents would appreciate a response from Council. After all, Council’s purpose is to serve its residents.”


metrotunnelboringToday marks a major milestone in the delivery of Sydney Metro, with planning approval given to the Chatswood to Sydenham section of the Sydney Metro City & Southwest project, which is Stage 2 of Sydney Metro – Australia’s biggest public transport project.

The Chatswood to Sydenham section of the project includes the construction and operation of the new metro rail line from Chatswood, under Sydney Harbour and through Sydney’s CBD to Sydenham.

Planning approval for this section of the project includes:

  • Delivering 16.5km of new metro rail between Chatswood and Sydenham, including 15.5km of new twin railway tunnels under Sydney Harbour and the Sydney CBD
  • Seven new metro railway stations at Crows Nest, Victoria Cross (North Sydney), Barangaroo, Martin Place, Pitt Street, Central (new underground platforms), and Waterloo.

Construction on the Chatswood to Sydenham section of the project will start this year with the first of five tunnel boring machines in the ground by the end of 2018.

Last year Sydney Metro undertook six weeks of public consultation on the Environmental Impact Statement for Chatswood to Sydenham. More than 300 submissions were received during this period, with feedback received helping refine the delivery of Sydney Metro City & Southwest.

Key changes made as result of feedback includes planning approval to use barges on Sydney Harbour at both the temporary retrieval site at Blues Point and the Barangaroo Station site, reducing impacts on roads and traffic.

A future underground pedestrian link from Martin Place Station to O’Connell Street will be safeguarded, further improving pedestrian access, and any rock-breaking work that uses heavy construction equipment will only take place during standard construction hours, with the exception of Central Station. This change will significantly reduce potential noise impacts on the community.

The planning process for the conversion and upgrade between Sydenham and Bankstown to metro standards will start this year.

For more information about what is happening in your area please contact the dedicated Place Manager on 1800 171 386.

Kind regards,

Sydney Metro team

Sydney Metro City & Southwest
Transport for NSW

T: 1800 171 386