Floodlights for OH Reid Oval?

OH Reid Oval

OH Reid Oval

Willoughby Council has revealed that the OH Reid Oval is on the list for the installation of floodlights.

The majority of sportsgrounds in the city already have lights,

A major factor in the decision to install floodlights on unlit sportsgrounds is the need to increase the capacity of sportsgrounds by over 40% due to the existing demands and projected population growth to 2026 (reference NSROC Regional Sportsground Strategy
Review 2017). Council argues that it has limited resources to provide additional capacity for the sportsgrounds under their care and control. The NSROC Regional Sportsgrounds Strategy Review 2017 which was adopted by Council on 14 May 2018 is clear in stating that there will be an undersupply of sportsgrounds for a growing population in the region over the next 10 – 20 years. It is unlikely that there will be more land for sportsgrounds in the Willoughby LGA, therefore Council has followed a path in increasing the capacity of its existing sportsgrounds by placing floodlights on unlit fields.

It is quite common that where Council install floodlights on a sportsground it also seeks install a synthetic grass surface.


Crossley Memorial

Council first proposed the installation of floodlights and a synthetic grass surface on the OH Reid Oval in the early 1990s. This was fiercely and successfully opposed by local residents led by Garry Crossley (RIP).

There is a memorial to Garry near the OH Reid Playground.



Source: OHReid Lights (Refer Item 17.6)


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