Unkempt roundabout gardens

Basically, if a council officer happens to notice something, action MIGHT be taken.

What audits are carried out on the contractors engaged by Council for garden maintenance and street speed traffic calmer gardens? Please include the frequency and manner that the audits occur so that an understanding of what is occurring can be obtained if audits do occur.

Auditing for the maintenance of gardens in our Local Area Traffic Management (LATM’s) devices is by visual inspection. The contract is supervised by Council’s Recreation Assets Officer and whilst driving around the LGA undertaking park inspections and triaging customer service requests, he sees the majority of LATM’s. Targeted visits are made to LATM’s in less regularly travelled back streets.

Each inspection checks the condition of plants, weed growth and litter. Where necessary, work is referred to the contractors for attention in line with maintenance standards or if a site appeared to have been missed in the contractor’s program of work.

Unfortunately, landscape works are sometimes vandalised, in particular through the theft of new plantings for what appears to be private use. Some incidents are reported as Customer Service Requests. Mostly, they are noticed and rectified by Council staff as part of their normal duties.

Anyone wishing to report concerns about the condition of gardens in our LATM’s can contact Council on 9777-1000 or by email at email@willoughby.nsw.gov.au


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