CBD brush turkeys


Currey Park has been inundated with turkeys, around 20 or so, and in addition to digging up the garden beds n the Park, they are also digging up the garden beds of the surrounding units. During the summer, 2 (or perhaps 3) turkeys managed to build a large mound near the child care centre and in the past months out popped all these turkeys. We believe the Council is intending to remove the mound and also put up signs asking people to stop feeding the turkeys, which is discouraging them from dispersing to other areas. The turkeys are getting slightly intimidating as they now sometimes approach people expecting to be fed.

The following motion will be put to at our next meeting this Thursday night: That we ask the Council what action they will take to resolve this problem.


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One thought on “CBD brush turkeys

  1. We received the following response from Council:

    We notice the unusually high number of Australian brush turkey in Currey Park and have been looking at this issue and considering how to address it.

    The much maligned Australian brush turkey is of course a protected species and not to be harmed in any way. Therefore physical removal of any birds or their eggs is not only prohibited it would be unethical.

    Instead we will be looking at modifying the environment to reduce activity where possible and stopping hand feeding of the young Australian brush turkey which has been going on for several months and seems to have discouraged them from dispersing which is what the young would normally do.

    Action to modify environment:

    · Removal of old nesting material – control future nesting

    · Under pruning of garden parks plantings – control future nesting and discourage young to seek harbour in park

    · Removal or minimising mulch in and around gardens – reduce foraging areas

    Action to reduce artificial feeding

    · In formation distributed to nearby residents

    · Temporary sign discouraging feeding (attached) was installed last week but torn down/vandalised- will be replaced with a permanent sign next week

    · Rangers will be asked to walk through and talk to feeders

    · Seed left in park is regularly removed by maintenance teams

    We welcome any suggestions or feedback.

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