Parking enforcement

DisabilityParkingMany in the Willoughby community have been disgruntled about the level of enforcement of illegal parking. There has been a lot of discussion about people parking illegally across driveways and in relation to the new laws requiring boats on trailers to be moved every month.

A recent article in the Sun-Herald  “Waste of space – selfish drivers nab disabled parking spots” (25 March pp.10-11), gives some insight to what our parking enforcement officers have been up to.

Between 2014 to 2018 there have been 3,891 parking infringements issued in Chatswood to drivers illegally parking in disabled parking spots.. This was over 1,100 fines more than issued in the Sydney CBD. In fact, Chatswood was the top-ranking area for fines of this nature.

There is a Facebook page ‘Wall of Shame” highlighting the extent of this problem.

Apart from drivers without disability permits parking illegally in disabled parking spots, there is a whole raft of other drivers who use someone else’s disability parking sticker to park illegally, often for the whole day.



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