Resident parking scheme Chatswood


Resident Parking Study Area

As part of Council’s Street Parking Strategy implementation plan, Council has completed a street parking study for the Chatswood area west of highway in the vicinity of the public schools to determine if the existing Resident Parking Scheme should be extended to improve access to on-street parking. The extent of the study area is shown on the plan above.

Council would like to have your views on the proposal before Monday, 5 August 2019. They have advised “We will organise a Have Your Say survey after school holidays. A consultation letter will be mailed out to the affected residents advising the proposal and requesting to comment on it using an online survey form or paper copy form. We would like to have your views on the proposal before Monday, 5 August 2019.“.

The key traffic generators in and around the precinct include Chatswood train station, Chatswood Public School, retail shops and businesses situated along Pacific Highway and Albert Avenue. Currently a Resident parking scheme operates in some streets in the Precinct. The key objectives of the study are to review the appropriateness of extending the resident parking scheme in the Chatswood area and the appropriate type of parking restrictions (e.g. length and duration) should a resident parking scheme is justified.

In this study, parking occupancy surveys were undertaken on weekdays and Saturday at hourly intervals. The survey data was analysed to understand long-term parking behaviours and parking demand in each street. Based on the analysis a Resident Parking proposal has been formulated. This proposal is aimed at achieving a balance between the parking needs to residents and visitors to the area. It is also important to ensure on-street parking is well utilised.

See map below which shows existing resident parking areas in the Study Area. There are unrestricted parking in the streets within Resident Parking Scheme areas, e.g. on the northern side of Sutherland Road (Whitton Road-Pacific Hwy). In this proposal, we are extending Resident parking restrictions across those adjacent unrestricted parking spaces. The study looked at both sides of the streets on the boundary.


Current Scheme



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