Transport Interchange

We received the following from Clr. Saville –

I wish to draw council’s attention, yet again, to the inadequacy of the Chatswood bus Interchange in Chatswood.

I realise that during the pandemic bus that the number of passengers travelling by bus may have reduced, but  we should think and plan more strategically for the longer term benefit of local & regional residents.

Over many years, including during 2017, many community members, progress associations and the chamber of commerce have approached council and the local member, now Premier, Ms Berejiklian to improve the functionality of the bus Interchange.

Despite on-going and substantial  community effort, and obvious need to improve the functionality of the bus Interchange, disappointingly, no action or improvements have occurred.  The Interchange remains inadequate, particularly when claims are made that Chatswood is a destination and CBD.

Both council and state government plans predict considerable population increases to the WCC LGA, most in the Chatswood CBD yet the bus Interchange remains inadequate to cope.

Given plans for higher density residential apartments, increased populations  and increased capacity at local schools, how  will the current bus Interchange and services meet the anticipated demand without totally  re-design of the Chatswood bus Interchange?

Band aid solutions have not met community needs and indeed, have created further difficulties.    To accommodate increased bus services, the western side of Victoria Avenue is now lined with bus stops.

I again alert you to the fact that many elderly and/or disabled residents experience extreme difficulty accessing the bus stops on the western side of the station.  For example, elderly and/or disabled resident  carrying shopping from Chatswood CBD have to walk from the Mall, through the Interchange (where elevators frequently malfunction) and walk any distance along the western end of Victoria Avenue to wait for a bus.   Bus shelters along this section of Victoria Ave because bus stops were not envisaged went building approvals were approved, hence there is totally inadequate weather protection in this precinct.  Is this really the best our council and state government can provide for our elderly and/or disabled residents?

Can we not endeavour to provide them with functional bus stops?  Further, visitors to Chatswood have complained to me that they cannot find the Chatswood bus Interchange, so signage also requires improvement.

There are examples of more functional bus stations to better meet the needs of passengers  may be found elsewhere, for example, Bondi Interchange.



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