Bowen and Moriarty

A Planning Proposal amendment to 1A-29 Bowen St & 6-18 Moriarty Rd, Chatswood is to increase the height and residential density on the site.

At our last meeting the Secretary was asked to provide a background on this proposal.

For decades CWWPA has argued that high rise residential development should end at the Pacific Highway.

This concept was supported by Council in the early 1990s when it developed its plans in the face of urban consolidation demands by the state government. They restricted high rise development to the Chatswood Central Business District (CBD).

More recently, the CBD Strategy expanded the CBD on the eastern side of the highway between Boundary Rd and Mowbray Rd. The strategy did not recommend high rise on the western side of the highway even though some of the CBD near Victoria Avenue extends across the highway.

The current proposal is an opportunistic ‘spot re-zoning’ application and further consideration should be deferred for inclusion in the Willoughby Local Environment Plan (LEP) that is currently being developed.

Moved: That when this application ius reported to Council that the Secretary write to Council outlining the CWWPA position as outlined above: Seconded_____


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