Resident parking scheme Chatswood


Resident Parking Study Area

As part of Council’s Street Parking Strategy implementation plan, Council has completed a street parking study for the Chatswood area west of highway in the vicinity of the public schools to determine if the existing Resident Parking Scheme should be extended to improve access to on-street parking. The extent of the study area is shown on the plan above.

Council would like to have your views on the proposal before Monday, 5 August 2019. They have advised “We will organise a Have Your Say survey after school holidays. A consultation letter will be mailed out to the affected residents advising the proposal and requesting to comment on it using an online survey form or paper copy form. We would like to have your views on the proposal before Monday, 5 August 2019.“.

The key traffic generators in and around the precinct include Chatswood train station, Chatswood Public School, retail shops and businesses situated along Pacific Highway and Albert Avenue. Currently a Resident parking scheme operates in some streets in the Precinct. The key objectives of the study are to review the appropriateness of extending the resident parking scheme in the Chatswood area and the appropriate type of parking restrictions (e.g. length and duration) should a resident parking scheme is justified.

In this study, parking occupancy surveys were undertaken on weekdays and Saturday at hourly intervals. The survey data was analysed to understand long-term parking behaviours and parking demand in each street. Based on the analysis a Resident Parking proposal has been formulated. This proposal is aimed at achieving a balance between the parking needs to residents and visitors to the area. It is also important to ensure on-street parking is well utilised.

See map below which shows existing resident parking areas in the Study Area. There are unrestricted parking in the streets within Resident Parking Scheme areas, e.g. on the northern side of Sutherland Road (Whitton Road-Pacific Hwy). In this proposal, we are extending Resident parking restrictions across those adjacent unrestricted parking spaces. The study looked at both sides of the streets on the boundary.


Current Scheme



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Archipaws pet competition

archipawsThe ‘Archipaws’ Pet Portrait competition promotes Willoughby City Council’s Pet Festival that will come alive with activities for pets and their human companions on Saturday, September 21 at OH Reid Oval, Chatswood West.

Artists, owners and pet lovers can submit their drawings, paintings or photographs before August 9.

Twenty finalists will have their images featured on 3 m tall flags in the Chatswood CBD and be in the running for a prize pack. Enter at website 


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Developer funded projects


Council can levy new development for funds for specific projects across the city. As can be seen below the current update of these regulations identify a number of projects with our Ward. There are a number of interesting aspects to these proposed work.

  • Total expenditure over 5+ years of nearly $11,000,000
  • Whilst West Ward represents around 25% of the city(including the CBD) our allocation is just over 20% of funds to be spent Due to the CBD, we should be receiving at least 10% more than other Wards. So we are being ‘short-sheeted’ by around 30%
  • A new synthetic grass field costing $1,000,000 (precise location unknown at this stage)
  • $2,200,000 to be spent on sporting facilities at Chatswood High School
6 Waling tracks from CBD to Lane Cove River 250,000 Medium-term
7 Signs for walking tracks 90,000 Short-term
9 Lane Cove River suburbs stormwater outlets 60,000 Short-term
10 All suburbs creek banks 150,000 Short-term
11 All suburbs foreshore protection 100,000 Long-term
22 West Ward playgrounds 1,350,000 Short-term
26 West Ward picnic shelters, BBQs 100,000 Medium-term
32 Chatswood synthetic grass field 1,000,000 Short-term
35 Chatswood High multi-purpose synthetic court 200,000 Medium-term
36 Chatswood High School indoor sports facility 2,000,000 Long-term
37 Refurbish tennis courts for multi-purpose use 500,000 Short-term
43 Zenith centre improvements 275,000 Short-medium-term
47 Joe Cianter studio improvements 28,650 Short-term
48 Mosaic centre 40,000 Short term
52 Devonshire St day care 10,000 Short-term
54 Extension bicycle network 30,000 Medium-term
55 Upgrade bicycle routes 10,000 Long-term
57 Upgrade bicycle routes 10,000 Long-term
60 CBD pedestrian access 200,000 Medium-term
72 Bus shelters 15,000 Medium-term
73 Bush shuttle 25,000 Short-term
TOTAL West Ward 10,943,650
TOTAL City 50,953,300
West Ward percentage 21.48%
Short 1-3 years
Medium 3-5 years
Long 5+ years

Federal funding?


A former NSW Premier is calling on the Federal Government to provide funding to assist with the cost of the state providing infrastructure.

The call is predicated on the assertion that many of the infrastructure demands Sydney faces are are a result in the very large increase in population for which we are expected to cater.

Largely, this population increase is a result of the Federal government’s immigration policy and a lack of a population strategy.

Our current NSW Premier last year called for Sydney to ‘be given breather’ after years of rapid growth.

Whilst population growth may benefit the economy of the country, it comes at a cost to local communities who are expected to accommodate the growth.

Immigration to Sydney could be growing from 40,000 p.a to 100,000 p.a.

This issue needs to be addressed.

This issue will be considered at our next meeting.

Come along to the meeting of the Chatswood West Ward Progress Association meeting on Thursday, 18th July, 7:30 PM at the Dougherty Centre


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Illegal dumping


It is reported that there were 416 cases of illegal dumping in Willoughby City last year but only 7 prosecutions. Unfortunately, no information was provided in the report as to how this compares to other Council areas within Sydney.

It is possible that the incidences of illegal dumping may have increased since Council introduced its ‘One free pickup a year‘ service. Unlike the three scheduled rubbish pickup services a year where whole areas are covered the new service is on a house by house basis. Some residents may think it is OK to place rubbish on their verge and that the Council will just come along and pick it up. Perhaps Council needs to do more education on this issue.

The reasons for the low number of fines issued is the problem Council rangers have in determining the culprit. Either the Ranger needs to see the act occurring or have irrefutable evidence as to the source of the rubbish. Much of the rubbish being illegally dumped is household furniture, which unlike a letter, does not have a name and address on it. Alternatively, if there is CCTV footage of the culprit Council may be able to get a conviction.

Should you ‘Dob in a dumper‘. If you do, you need to be prepared to go to court. What about taking a video of the act in progress on your phone, You need to be careful that the culprit does not see and approach you. The common sense approach is to report the incident to Council by

Details of Council’s Waste & recycling Programs

CBD parking map


Parking: Free – green; Paid – orange; Council car parks – dark green


Willoughby Council has released an interesting online parking map for the Chatswood CBD. The online map shows the location of all potential off-street parking locations (free & PAID) as well as Council off-street parking stations (of which there are two).

Council claims that “the new parking map website makes it easier for drivers to find parking in Chatswood, reducing congestion and making trips more efficient“. However, they do not provide any evidence to back their claims. The map does not show available parking spaces in real-time. So there is really little difference knowing that some streets have paid parking whilst others are free – if you can find a space.What drivers want is to know where there is an available space.

There is no evidence that a driver seeking on-street parking near their destination continues to ‘hunt’ if they cannot find a convenient space. More likely, they will head to one of the free 3 hour parking stations (Westfields and The Chase), one hour free at The Concourse or head to paid parking stations. Unfortunately the private Wilson’s parking stations are not shown on the map.’

This ambition has been incubating for at least the past 20 years. Most of the large parking stations now have digital monitoring of their space. What would be useful is a App that shows parking availability in real time. There is also technology that allows kerbside parking to be monitored.

Come on Willoughy, get with the times for once and develop a system that can actually achieve what your are claiming.

In addition the map shows the location of all the various types of parking zones such as  Disabled, Loading, Taxi, Shared Car, Motorbike as well as No Parking and No Stopping zones. Unfortunately, they do not show any ‘Kiss & Ride’ zones.

Basically, what the map shows is that Ticketed off-street parking is mainly on the western side of the railway line and streets closest to the CBD. There is a Council car park on either side of the railway line where you can get one hour free. Free on-street is in locations meaning a longer walk. You need to work out for your self where the paid parking stations are. They assume you know you can park free for three hours at Westfield and The Chase. Is one of the intents of this map actually to get people to pay to use Council parking rather than private free parking?

Council Press Release



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Highway, Albert, Oliver, Centennial


A man has been taken to hospital in a critical condition after he was struck by a car at the intersection of the Pacific Highway, Albert Avenue and Oliver Road. He was crossing the Highway with his wife and dog. The man sustained spinal and head injuries and was been taken to Royal North Shore Hospital in a critical condition. The woman received minor injuries after falling during the incident. The injured dog was taken to the local vet.

The CWWPA has been lobbying Roads & Maritime Services (RMS) and Willoughby Council and Police for years to rectify this dangerous location. Maybe something will be done now someone has been nearly killed.

The Police report the car was travelling southbound on the Highway meaning it probably ran the red light at Albert Avenue. Many cars have been observed doing this and we have reported this  specific problem.

Many times on the Highway the Centennial Ave lights are green and the Albert Ave lights are still red for a while so cars cruise through the whole intersection, often at speed. Even railway replacement buses have been seen having trouble stopping at the red on Albert.

The Pacific Highway is an RMS Road.  Please refer to the local traffic committee agendas and minutes on the council website for information about previous complaints:
In particular refer to:
  • Item 6.1 in the agenda and minutes for the 15 Aug 2018 meeting concerning Pacific Highway and Victoria Avenue; and
  • Item 6.2 in the agenda and minutes for the 20 June 2018 meeting concerning Pacific Highway/Albert Ave/Centennial Ave.
Referring to the recommendation of the item 6.2, 20 June 2018 meeting, CWWPA will consider at its next meeting in July 2019 the following for referral to the council traffic officer:
“A car and pedestrian collision occurred at the intersection of Pacific Highway, Albert Avenue and Oliver Road on 27 June 2019.  With regard to item 6.2 of the Local traffic committee meeting on 20 June 2018, can the RMS and council update CWWPA on the progress of safety and performance improvements at the intersection as well as funding for the intersection under the NSW Black Spot Program.  Can NSW Police advise if any additional monitoring of traffic flow and safety needs to be implemented at this intersection?”  


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