Fullers Rd Safety


The majority feedback was the changes the RTA made were beneficial.


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Safety in the face of speeding traffic has been an ongoing issue along Fullers Rd and Millwood Avenue for many years. In response to these safety concerns there have been a small number of initiatives to attempt to address the issue.

  • About 20 years ago there was a proposal for a set of mid-block pedestrian lights down from Edgar St. At that time, residents lobbied for these lights to be installed at Greville St where they provide both pedestrians and drivers on both side of the road a level of safety.
  • The next major safety initiative was the conversion of the ‘kamikaze’ lane on Fullers Rd for traffic exiting Fullers Rd (West). The ‘kamikazi’ lane was a v-shaped section of lane on Fullers RD at the corner where traffic exiting Fullers Rd (West) could stop in until a break in traffic. However, the sight lines were terrible. The ‘layover’ was removed. At the same time a right-hand turn lane was marked for vehicles from Millwood Avenue to turn into Fullers Rd West. At the same time, lane markers were installed to keep Millwood Ave traffic in the left-hand lane, thus allowing traffic from Fullers Rd (West) to enter the right-hand lane before the Greville St lights. By and large, this has been a reasonably successful solution, albeit subject to abuse with some speeding drivers heading up Millwood Ave to Chatswood crossing illegally into the right hand lane before the corner.
  • The intersection of Fullers Rd, Fullers Rd (West) Millwood Ave and Range St has been problematic for years. In particular, nothing has been done to assist the problems faced by Range Street residents to get in and out of Rage St. One solution that was requested some years back was the implementation of a roundabout at this location. However, at the time, the RTA refused to consider this option (however it is believed that RMS might be more amenable).
  • There had been a number of bad accidents in front of the service garage at the intersection of Millwood Ave, Fullers Rd and Range. The proprietor lobbied the RTA and part of the intersection was treated to provide a safety buffer in front of the garage. Subsequently, it was uncovered that the RTA contractor surfacing the road in this vicinity had used the wrong paving mix.
  • There was also a series of crashes of cars coming up Millwood Avenue too quickly and spinning out of control. On at least 13 occasions the wall of one of the houses on the corner was demolished. Eventually, after much lobbying, the RTA raised the gutter threshold. This solved the problem.
  • When the 50 kph limit for residential streets became law, Willoughby Council, prompted by local residents lobbied successfully for 50 kph limits on Fullers and Mowbray Rds. The community has not seen any statistics of the success of this move.

Currently (2013) there is a lot of community concern regarding safety on Fullers Rd between the Highway and Greville St (although there is emerging concern from residents of Millwood Ave and Range Rd). Local residents and Willoughby Council had lobbied for years requesting safety measure on Fullers Rd (including for a speed camera0. Eventually we were advised, that based on safety statistics, a speed camera for Fullers Rd was of a low priority.

Subsequently, the RTA/RMS developed a series of safety treatments that were to be implemented on the southern lane of Fullers Rd for a 12 month trial period. At that stage some resident(s) objected to the Local Member (Gladys Berejiklian). An argument put forward was that there may have been more accidents on the northern lane than the southern. However, what was not acknowledge was the severity of accidents in the southern lane.

The proposed trail was suspended and the matter of a speed camera was once again discussed with the language.

So we are back where we were some years ago hoping that a speed camera will be approved against the odds


One of the problems with these major roads is that fall into two electorates. Fullers Rd between the Highway and Greville St is in the Willoughby Electorate of Gladys Berejiklian. The rest of Fullers Rd, Millwood Ave and Range Rd are in the Lane Cove Electorate of Anthony Roberts.

A number of residents in the Lane Cove Electorate have reported that they do not receive responses to their concerns.

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