Fullers Road- coming of the Metro!

A local resident posed the following question: With the expected much heavier traffic loads on Fullers Road from later this year, do we know whether council or RMS are looking at any improvements on Fullers Road? Such as making the ‘temporary’ road markings permanent. And extending the two right hand turns at the Pacific Highway to 24×7. 

Willoughby Council replied:

Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) is the agency responsible for the closure of the Epping to Chatswood rail line. The temporary closure from 30 September 2018 for approximately 7 months is required to enable the construction of the Sydney Metro Northwest.

Fullers Road is a State Road under the responsibility of and maintained by Roads and Maritime Services (RMS). Help Street is a local road under the care and control of Willoughby City Council.

It is understood that TfNSW and RMS have collaborated in the development of the Station Link initiative to support the provision of a bus based solution as the alternate transport solution during the temporary closure of the Epping to Chatswood rail line. Bus services are provided between Chatswood/ St Leonards to Beecroft, Epping and Eastwood via North Ryde Station, Macquarie University Station and Macquarie University Campus. Information has been released by TfNSW regarding the Station Link initiative and can be found via the link below.


Council has no proposals to change Fullers Road as part of the implementation of the temporary closure of the Epping to Chatswood rail line. Changes in Fullers Road between Pacific Highway and Millwood Avenue including changes in the operation of the tidal flow system in Fullers Road between Pacific Highway and View Street is a matter for TfNSW and RMS.

TfNSW has identified kerbside parking changes in Railway Street, Victoria Avenue, Brown Street, Chatswood and Herbert Street, Clarendon Street and Pacific Highway, St Leonards to support the operation of the Station Link initiative. Council is aware of the proposed changes and community consultation was completed by TfNSW on 26 April 2018. TfNSW is also proposing to increase the duration of No Stopping restrictions in Help Street between Pacific Highway and Railway Street on the south side only to 3 pm – 7 pm Monday to Friday. Council understands it is required to ensure sufficient road capacity in Help Street for outbound buses during the important afternoon peak service considering the need to provide a reliable bus service. Issues identified included variability in traffic ramp up in the weekday afternoon peak period and illegal parking at the start/ end of the No Stopping restrictions. Council is aware of the proposed changes and the proposal is currently out for community consultation until 17 May 2018. If implemented it will lead to a reduction of parking by 1 hour and a loss of potential revenue for 30 minutes each day for 11 car spaces. It is understood that TfNSW intend to forward the proposed street parking changes to Council for consideration by the Local Traffic Committee and approval by Council.

TfNSW and Council have been discussing a range of matters relating to the delivery of the Station Link initiative including impacts to revenue and will be formalising an agreement in due course.

Rail passengers wishing to travel to Parramatta from Chatswood or Epping can use the existing train services between Chatswood and Parramatta (T1 North Shore and Western lines) and Epping to Parramatta (T1 Northern and T1 Western lines). Station Link does not provide bus services to Parramatta. Council is not aware whether TfNSW is planning to provide additional bus services from Chatswood to Parramatta.

A copy of both Mr Orme’s and your communication will be forwarded to TfNSW for their consideration.


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