Early constitution

UnderConstruction1930 Objects and Policy of the Association


The objects of the Association is.to pro­mote the welfare and advancement of the Willoughby Municipality and in particular West Ward; to protect the interests of residents and ratepayers; to encourage a keener spirit of citizenship and mutual help among all residents and to co-operate with other Associations for such purpose.


Flats. The Association is opposed to:—

(a)  The erection of flats in proclaimed residen­tial areas.

(b)  The subdivision of a flat area isolated within residential areas unless the residue reverts to residential area by way of varia­tion of the proclamation.

(c)  Any part of the residential area in West Ward being proclaimed a flat area in the future; or

(d)  The erection of flats in proclaimed flat areas of West Ward exceeding two storeys — ground and first floor. Hoardings, etc.

It appears that in the late 70s and 80s there was a move toward flat buildings in Willoughby eroding the primary single-storey residential character of the area. The policies of the Association seem to recognise that some flats development was inevitable. The focus was on maintaining as much as the traditional housing form as possible.

Parks: The Association approves of the existing park lands in West Ward being retained and is opposed to the disposal and/or alienation of any such park lands or the use of them for other than recreational purposes. All suitable trees to be re­tained thereon.


(a)  The association shall press for the improve­ment and extension of public transport to cater for the requirements of the residents;

(b)  For the maintenance of roads on bus routes to ensure continuity of service.

Subdivision of Land: Where practicable the fron­tage to streets to be not less than 50ft and each lot be not less than 6,000 square feet in area.

Controversial Matters: Such as Tennis Courts, Hotels, Hoardings and etc. to be considered on their merits when the occasion arises.

Street Beautification: The Association favours the beautifying of streets with trees and shrubs, and gardens, improved lighting, the elimination of poles and overhead wires, the preservation of trees and the encouragement of the formation of Street Committees.

Public Conveniences: The Association favours the provision of public conveniences in suitable places.

Amenities: The Association shall encourage com­munity activities such as Baby Health Centres, Kindergartens, Play Centres, Children’s and Adult Libraries, Community Halls, etc.

Hospitals: The Association shall support the establishment of hospitals on the North Shore on a community principle.

Town Planning: The Association supports in principle:

(a) The Town Planning Scheme of the County of Cumberland.

(b) A plan for Chatswood as a District Centre.



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