Going, going …….


After over a decade of operating a service to get mainly elderly people to important appointments, it looks like Council may cease operations of its Council Cab service.

Council Cab is a free point to point transport service provided to residents, via a Council fleet
vehicle driven by a professional taxi driver employed by Council as a casual.

Historically, Council Cab required a $5 fee for a commercial taxi, booked through Council on the resident’s behalf. Advice from RMS in December 2015 identified that the fee for service model did not comply with the Transport Passenger Act 1990. In order to comply with the Transport Passenger Act 1990, the service has been provided since January 2016 via a Council fleet vehicle operated by casual staff with no fee charged to users.

Amongst other things, Council Officers are recommending: “The transition of Council Cab users to alternate transport providers, including Council’s At Home with Willoughby services, and the introduction of additional conditions of use from 31 March 2019 to increase equity.

A full report can be accessed as Item 17.1 in the Council Agenda papers for 11 March, 2019




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