Council needs to lift game


Courtesy North Shore Times

All councils in NSW have been set a target of 90 per cent of housing approvals to be determined within 40 days by 2019. Willoughby currently is taking 90 days. Maybe the Council staff that were ‘let go’ in the not so distant past were making a difference. Will we now see staff numbers increase?


Courtesy North Shore Times



One thought on “Council needs to lift game

  1. Terry,

    Whenever I am there the place is crawling with staff. They have 11 in the Events Dept. They haven’t been able to keep staff. Hardly any originals in planning dept and one I was recently involved with was a ’shocker’.I suspect some need to be redeployed to core issues. Too many councils have gotten away from roads,rates, rubbish into all sorts of things which are nothing to do with LOCAL government. Clover Moore is the worst. She has 35 on her personal staff alone. Look at her blogs/news letters. She sends them to me. Rarely anything relevant to LOCAL government. Mostly vitriol about state government. Meanwhile all light poles are covered in illegal posters, bins on footpaths overflowing, etc. She told me she wasn’t interested in them as they are ‘an Operational matter’. Aren’t most things in local government ‘operational’?

    Yours sincerely,

    Max Menzies

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