Mowbray House School – METRO Dive Site


We have been researching the educational history of the METRO Dive Site on the corner of Mowbray Rd and Pacific Highway. Please read a short history of the site below. If you have any additional knowledge about the site please make contact via

Short History of Educational Establishments on the Dive Site2



Upcoming Council Events

Food Swap 1-Jul
Feel the Pulse 2-Jul
Bushcare training 2-Jul
Bushcare training 3-Jul
Ocean Pod 4-8 July
School holiday walk 6-Jul
School holiday walk 7-Jul
cycling skills – Kick the Wheels 6-Jul
cycling skills – Ride Safe 6-Jul
cycling skills – Ride High 7&8 July
Go Green Science Show 14-Jul
Renewable energy for kids 14-Jul
Pickling for kids 15-Jul
Preserving for kids 15-Jul
Fermenting for kids 15-Jul
Spotlight walk 15-Jul
End of Solar Bonus Scheme 20-Jul
Chatswood Community Expo and Bring your bills day 22-Jul
North Arm Track Walk 24-Jul
Preschooler walk 27-Jul
Tree day 31-Jul


Sydney Metro Council Submission

13041v_01_whole alignment_waterloo_aerial Council Officers have prepared a submission to the State Governments proposed Metro City and South West. As part of their process they consulted with the the Chatswood West Ward and Artarmon Progress Associations.

The main areas of concern include the closure of Nelson Street, construction and operational noise, construction traffic, visual amenity and impacts on heritage items. Council‟s submission highlights these concerns and suggests that detailed mitigation measures be reviewed and implemented. The submission also raises concerns about the adequacy of the current community consultation process. It is requested that a Community Consultative Committee be formed to ensure that residents who are directly impacted are consulted throughout the project.

A summary of Council’s proposed submission follows:







Council Officers recently completed a review of Council’s e-restore program. The full report which is quite detailed but interesting can be accessed as Item 18.6 here on the Council website.

The e-restore program commenced in 2004 when an environmental levy was first raised to fund projects to improve the local environment.

In this latest report, Council Officers are recommending that Council:

1. Endorse the development of a revised Environmental/Sustainability Plan that includes a focus on the following elements:

a. Improving transparency and value for money in relation to the following budget allocations:

i. Internal Overhead – $327,000 in the 2014/15 Budget

ii. e.restore Planning and Reporting – $200,000 in the 2014/15 Budget iii. Environmental Vehicle Initiative – $100,000 in the 2014/15 Budget

b. The development of a more comprehensive organisation wide plan:

i. Including Measurable 4 Year Targets and Performance Indicators – to align with Council terms

ii. With aspirational 10-20 Year Targets and Performance Indicators

iii. For both Council and the wider community incorporating Projects and Actions, specifically linked to Targets and KPI‟s in relation to elements such as:

 Greenhouse gas production

 Energy consumption

 Water use  Recycled water use

 Waste production  Recycling and re-use of materials

 Water quality  Biodiversity

 Tree canopy cover

 Community engagement

 Community participation

 Community interaction

 Community capacity building

c. Engaging the wider community and other stakeholders in the development of the revised Environmental/Sustainability Plan (in accordance with Council‟s Community Engagement Policy) to secure broad community participation and identify opportunities for collaboration and partnering

d. Completing a formal review of the e.restore program every four years in line with the Community Strategic Plan

e. Ensuring that all e.restore funds are allocated on a Value for Money Basis and that all aspects of the e.restore program are assessed via the Projects and Capital Works Prioritisation Framework

f. Submitting regular reports to Council outlining progress towards annual and longer term programs, targets and performance indicators.

2. Include a section in future Environmental/Sustainability Plan Annual Report that covers:

a. successes,

b. lessons learnt; and

c. improvements made.

Fun & Games in the CBD

urbantrailCouncil Officers have completed a study of the recreational needs within the Chatswood CBD.

In summary, the actions arising from the study are:

Underway/ completed in 2015/16:

  • Chatswood Oval – improved field floodlighting and player change room/ public toilet facilities.

Proposed in 2016/17:

  • Complete a new Chatswood Oval Precinct Master Plan.
  • Implement the new synthetic sports field & associated works at Chatswood High School.
  • Develop a CBD Urban Trails Strategy.
  • Integrate the CBD Recreation Needs Study 2016 into the Chatswood CBD Planning and Urban Design Strategy.
  • Review the CBD Recreation Needs Study 2016 after the North District Plan is released by the Greater Sydney Commission.

Mandarin lemon

Mandarin1Proponents of the Mandarin Centre have lodged a new planning proposal for the site. The new proposal  seeks to:

  • add shop top housing as an additional permitted use in Schedule 1 while retaining the Commercial Core B3 zoning for the site.
  • Increase the maximum height limit from 27m to 125.6 metres (RL 217.6).
  • Increase the permissible Floor Space Ratio from 2.5:1 to 11.37:1 (excluding affordable housing)

Council rejected the previous application to redevelop this site.

In relation to this latest application, Council Officers are recommending that it not be supported by Council..