Rotary Athletic floodlights

rotary-war-memorial-athletics-field-chat4Chatswood Rotary War Memorial Athletics Field is an important open space resource in the Willoughby Council area with significant recreational and environmental value.

Willoughby Council is now planning to replace the existing two floodlights with six new poles and floodlights.

The proposal includes:

  • Removal of existing 2 floodlight poles 25 metres high.
  • 6 new floodlight poles around the field perimeter
  • New poles proposed to be: 4 x 20 metres high, and 2 x 22 metres high.
  • Hours of use: from sunset to 9.15pm

Some concerns with this proposal could be:

  • light spill into bushland with impact on flora and fuana
  • visual light pollution as viewed from neighbouring homes
  • better lighting could mean the ground may sustain higher usage with consequentials such as increased traffic and noise

Council has called for comments. Details are available at: Have Your Say

Submissions close: 12 July 2019



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