New school

In it’s latest budget the NSW government has made provision for a new school in Chatswood. It is believed this is for a new primary school. The site that was being investigated is the Metro ‘Dive’ site on the corner of Pacific Highway and Mowbray Rd.

GM salaries

CEO (GM) salaries review:

An independent body would set the salaries of hundreds of general managers at local councils across NSW, in response to concerns some are too richly paid, under reforms being considered by the Berejiklian government. Ratepayers forked out between $205,000 and $633,852 for general managers at country and metropolitan local councils in the 2019-20 financial year, according to a consultation paper prepared for the NSW government. Local Government Minister Shelley Hancock said the review was aimed at tackling concerns incomes were too high, and had big disparities across the state, and that there was a widening gap over other worker salaries. The report says maintaining the status quo in NSW will allow councils to remain competitive with other sectors and to attract the “best possible” applicants. But it would not allay concerns there was a lack of consistency in salaries across the state, or address criticism managers were overpaid as many councils in NSW faced financial pressures.



In a recent ‘census’ Five people (four male and one female) were observed sleeping rough in three

locations. Four of the Five people were known to and in ongoing contact with local housing

providers. Two of the camp sites had been in situ for more than 12 months.

Of the five people counted:

One person had permanent housing in North Sydney.

One person had been offered temporary accommodation but had declined.

One person has the resources to secure their own housing but chooses to sleep rough.

One person is a foreign national and is ineligible for housing assistance.

One person’s housing status was unknown.


The new Willoughby DCP went to Council on 15th June seeking approval to be submitted to DPIE prior to public exhibition alongside the new WLEP. It is important that people familiarise themselves with the content as it refines clauses of the LEP.