Water harvesting


Clr. Saville had asked a question of Council. Here is the response she received:

  • 38 of 86 projects (2018-24) completed
  • harvested water has been under resourced and maintenance costs higher than expected
  • there are risks with harvested water that have to be managed
  • The Concourse tank has capacity of 5ML. IML required for base harvest and 1ML available for harevesting. Remaining space used for flood management. Stormwater not currently being reused due to risk of contamination


The Willoughby council water plan 2018-2024 is an operational document regularly updated to ensure the works programme is delivered. It sets four categories, the framework for the activities programme: Water Efficiency: water Harvesting: Waterway Health and Asset Management.  There are 86 projects listed, 38 completed.WCC has been liaising with other Councils to discuss best approaches to maintain water harvest sites. Generally water harvest has been under resourced, and the cost of maintenance is higher than expected.  WCC will focus on expanding activity at its centralised harvest sites, Artarmon Reserve, the Concourse and extend the harvest network by installing pipes to carry water to areas of demand. WCC had identified that the cost of laying pipe is less than the construction of new sites and avoids costly specialised asset maintenance.  The expansion projects are in different stages of design, construction through to completion.

ther stormwater harvest has been identified.  During installation of GPT at  Warners Park, a pump was included to facilitate future harvest of water. Delivery planned for 20/21.
WCC updated the Harvested Water Quality Risk Matrix in September 19. The matrix is based upon multiple sources primarily ‘Australian Guidelines for Water Recycling: Stormwater Harvesting and Re-use’ (2009) and ‘Guidelines for Environmental Management Use of Reclaimed Water’ (2003).  The matrix was shared with NSW Health in 2019.  The matrix serves to identify risks prior to construction and ongoing operational risks.  Council had developed an accompanying maintenance schedule to ensure control methods in place are continually reviewed to reduce risk.
The Concourse stormwater tank has a capacity of 5ML. 1ML is required as base volume in the tank, with a further 1ML available for water harvesting.  This leaves a remaining 3ML airspace available to reduce effects of flooding during storm to provide greater flood protection downstream.
The stormwater is not currently being reused due to risk of contamination. WCC undertook a preliminary audit with an engineering consultancy in Nov. 2019.  A projects and Capital works bid has been submitted for 20/21.
Council continues to liaise with other Councils.


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