Safety Albert and Archer

Pedestrian Safety at Southeast and Southwest corner of Albert Ave and Archer St

Vehicles traveling east along Albert Ave, enter the right-hand turn lane on Albert Avenue, the vehicle will then turn right into Archer Street heading south. The cycle of the traffic lights allows a right hand turn as soon as the lights go green ie, there is no separate right turn traffic light When the light turns green, vehicles turning into Archer Street (heading south) often do not see the pedestrians who are crossing Archer St from the Southeast to Southwest corner of Albert Ave at the same time. There have been some close calls.

Motion: CWWPA writes to the WCC Traffic and Transport Team, requesting WCC ask Transport for NSW, as the operator of the traffic signals, to review the situation and consider installing pedestrian safety measures (10 second start for pedestrians before vehicles get a green light) within the traffic light cycle (like at many other intersections) or a red right hand turn light that is activated when a pedestrian activates the crossing function for an appropriate time to allow pedestrians a head start before vehicles turn right.


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