When will it close?


Chatswood in a few months?

Whilst some say that the closure of the Epping to Chatswood rail line is “imminent”,eight months after the closure announcement the government still has not announced a closure date. According to the Premier it is imminent.



Buses will replace trains between Chatswood and Epping for many months turning Chatswood into one great bus layover.





The Northern SYDNEY Region Organisation of Councils (this includes Willoughby Council) has released a review of sports grounds.

Forecasts show that Councils will need to increase capacity by 40% by 2036 to cope with demand.

Users will know that we are already under pressure. Council is striving to come up with ideas and collaboration to meet demand.



On-demand public transport

The NSW government has introduced a pilot on-demand public transport option to Macquarie. You simply book a pickup and you are picked up by a full sized bus. This new service is available to West Ward residents who live on the western side of the Pacific Highway. No information is provided about expected travel times between locations or how long you might need to wait to be picked up, The service might prove useful when the Epping to Chatswood railway is closed later this year.

Full details below:


Catchment area

On Demand services for the Macquarie Park region are operated by Keolis Downer and began Monday 26 March 2018.

Keoride services provide transport for those who live or work within 7.5km of the Macquarie Park precinct.

Hours of operation

Services run from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) during the following times:

  • 6am – 10am
  • 3pm – 7pm

ONdemand bus

Bookings and fares

You can book this service:

Bookings can be made from 1 month up to 30 minutes prior to your trip. Bookings are subject to availability.

A one-way trip will cost:

  • $2.60 for less than 3km
  • $4.30 for 3-8km
  • $5.60 for more than 8km

There are no concession fares for this service.

Free travel entitlements are available to customers with a Vision Impaired Person’s Travel PassNSW Blinded Soldier PassWW1 Veteran’s Widows Pass and Ex-Defence card. Free travel can only be booked over the phone. Conditions apply.

Find out more at www.keoride.com.au


Beaconsfield/Coolaroo/Dalrymple update

Urup    Urup2


Mowbray Road West, and Beaconsfield Road and Ralston Street: Proposed new right turn from Beaconsfield Road (southbound) into Mowbray Road West (westbound)

  • A study of the intersection has been completed in late December 2017.
  • The study advises that the introduction of the right turn from Beaconsfield Road into Mowbray Road West leads to a minor worsening in the level of service for the intersection.
  • Council will be engaging with Lane Cove Council and Roads and Maritime Services with the outputs of the Council’s study at the intersection of Beaconsfield Road, Mowbray Road West and Ralston Street in April and May 2018.
  • Community engagement is targeted in late May 2018 following receipt of advice from Lane Cove Council and Roads and Maritime Services.

Coolaroo Road and Dalrymple Avenue Slow Points

  • Council has developed a plan providing slow points in Coolaroo Road and Dalrymple Avenue.  Council has agreed to implement the proposed slow points in temporary materials to allow flexibility to adjust the slow points based on their impact.
  • Council understands that the residents in Coolaroo Road between Felton Avenue and Greensland Road have agreed to the implementation of slow points. Council has deferred the implementation of slow points in Coolaroo Road between Greensland Road and Dalrymple Ave as it did not receive an acceptable level of support from the residents. Detailed design plans for the proposed slow points have been completed.
  • Following community submissions the implementation of the slow points was put on hold until resolution of the proposed right turn in Beaconsfield Road (southbound) into Mowbray Road West (westbound). Council can proceed with the implementation of the slow points in Coolaroo Road between Felton Avenue and Greensland Road prior to the resolution of the changes in Beaconsfield Road.

Re: the Beaconsfield lights:

  1. Who commissioned the study?

The study was conducted to support Council as it is the proponent of the proposed new right turn in Beaconsfield Road within the existing intersection. The study will support the technical assessment and development of the proposal and provide the necessary support as Council tries to influence the RMS and Lane Cove Council:

  • To help Council understand the existing intersection performance and the forecast performance following the introduction of proposed new right turn in Beaconsfield Road within the intersection.
  • To facilitate design of the intersection considering contemporary traffic signal phasing needs for traffic and pedestrian movement
  • One part of a suite of materials to be provided to Lane Cove Council, Roads and Maritime Services and the Willoughby Council’s Local Traffic Committee on the change in the intersection performance with the introduction of the right turn in Beaconsfield Road.
  1. What specifically will we be discussing with Lane Cove Council?

Lane Cove Council and Roads and Maritime Services will need to approve the change. Communication with both agencies is part of the process of seeking their position, input into the design and ultimately approval to the final design. Council will be responsible for the delivery of the detailed design of the new traffic control signal design and potentially the works. The communication actions to be progressed with Lane Cove Council and Roads and Maritime Services include comments would be sought on the concept design and approval to the detailed design.

  1. What additional community engagement will there be?  

Typically community consultation is undertaken with any change to the road network, unless it is of a very minor nature. The local community views will be sought prior to formally submitting the proposal to the Local Traffic Committee for consideration and subsequently Council for approval.

Council will be engaging with Lane Cove Council and Roads and Maritime Services with the outputs of the Council’s study at the intersection of Beaconsfield Road, Mowbray Road West and Ralston Street in April and May 2018.

Community engagement is targeted in late May 2018 following receipt of advice from Lane Cove Council and Roads and Maritime Services.

  1. Is the study available?

A copy of the study report is available by the link above.

 Re the traffic calming:

  1. What slow points will be implemented?

Council is proposing to implement the slow points in Coolaroo Road and Dalrymple Avenue. The temporary slow points do not have a raised middle section, that is traffic will travel through the slow points on the existing road pavement. The implementation of the proposed slow points in temporary materials will allow flexibility to adjust the slow points based on their impact.

  1. Can minor changes to slow points be made?

The location of the slow points has been identified to be consistent with technical guidelines and to optimise their impact. The opportunity to undertake minor adjustments to the location of the slow points may still be possible with advice provided to the Traffic and Transport Team.  The implementation of the proposed slow points in temporary materials will allow flexibility to adjust the slow points based on their impact.

  1. Dalrymple between Mowbray Rd and Beaconsfield was part of the original area to be calmed—is that part of this rollout, or is that on hold?

The implementation of slow points in Dalrymple Avenue was put on hold due to the low level of community support for the measures.

  1. When will the western Coolaroo calming project will proceed?   If so, what is the approximate time frame?

The implementation of the slow points in Coolaroo Road between Felton Avenue and Greenlands Road can proceed prior to the resolution of the changes at the intersection of Mowbray Road West and Beaconsfield Road. (I am seeking advice from Sunil Gamage, Works Depot on the dates for delivery. The Works Depot will lead the delivery of the works and will use the private sector to undertake the works. The timeline for delivery would be dependent on the availability of suitable contractors.

  1. There are some concerns that this traffic calming may come in conjunction with removal of parking, which creates the fear that the narrow points will make the situation worse than it currently is.  Is this correct?

The provision of slow points will result in the loss of on-street parking at the location of the slow point. It is expected that 2 car spots will be removed with each slow point.  Accordingly, there will be a loss of up to 6 car spaces in Coolaroo Road between Felton Avenue and Greenlands Road and 4 car spaces in Coolaroo Road between Greenlands Road and Dalrymple Avenue. In Dalrymple Avenue 2 slow points are proposed so should they proceed then 4 car spaces would be removed.

Parking enforcement

DisabilityParkingMany in the Willoughby community have been disgruntled about the level of enforcement of illegal parking. There has been a lot of discussion about people parking illegally across driveways and in relation to the new laws requiring boats on trailers to be moved every month.

A recent article in the Sun-Herald  “Waste of space – selfish drivers nab disabled parking spots” (25 March pp.10-11), gives some insight to what our parking enforcement officers have been up to.

Between 2014 to 2018 there have been 3,891 parking infringements issued in Chatswood to drivers illegally parking in disabled parking spots.. This was over 1,100 fines more than issued in the Sydney CBD. In fact, Chatswood was the top-ranking area for fines of this nature.

There is a Facebook page ‘Wall of Shame” highlighting the extent of this problem.

Apart from drivers without disability permits parking illegally in disabled parking spots, there is a whole raft of other drivers who use someone else’s disability parking sticker to park illegally, often for the whole day.


Reverse Vending Machines

Reverse vending machineCouncil has been considering the implementation of Reverse Vending Machines as part of the NSW ‘Return and Earn’ container deposit scheme.

Council undertook an extensive review of potential locations for these machines where you can return a bottle and receive a deposit refund for a number of specified containers such as drink bottles.

The initial sites considered were:

  • Northbridge Plaza carpark
  • Willoughby Leisure Centre
  • Dougherty Community Centre carpark
  • Chatswood Youth Centre carpark
  • Spring St Mall, adjacent to Victoria Avenue

Subsequently five additional sites were considered (none of which were in West Ward).

The Officer’s recommendation is that vending machines be installed at two locations – Northbridge Plaza and the Dougherty Centre carpark and that Council seek a lease fee of at least $25,000 per site (per annum?)

As we know, empty containers are relatively bulky items and, if made of glass, relatively heavy. The refund we believe is of the order of 10 cents. The Dougherty Centre carpark is quite small and heavily used. It is difficult to see anyone getting easy access to this machine. The closest carpark is the public carpark across the road which on average is probably a 100m walk to the machine.

Changes to rating

The Office of Local Government has announced some changes to rating for 2018. However, it has not specified (at this stage) what (if any) cap on rates there will be for 2018-2019.

The changes cover:

What’s new or changing

  • The maximum Boarding House Tariffs for 2018-19 have been determined.
  • The maximum interest rate payable on overdue rates and charges for 2018‑19 has been determined.
  • Section 603 Certificate fee for 2018-19 has been determined.
  • The statutory limit on the maximum amount of minimum rates for 2018-19 has been determined.

Rating Charges 2018

Vivid Chatswood 2018

Chatswood’s a trip through time and space for Vivid Sydney 2018

Vivid2018The buildings, streets and even park benches in Chatswood will be transformed into an array of art and light, food and fashion, to create Lightscape for Vivid Sydney 2018 at Chatswood.

 From May 25 to June 16, Vivid Sydney, the world’s largest festival of light, music and ideas, will transform the Chatswood CBD for the fourth year in a row, with immersive projections using NASA imagery and interactive light installations.

 Willoughby City Council Mayor Gail Giles-Gidney said the community was excited Vivid Sydney will return to Chatswood.

 “It’s a wonderful event that our local community loves. Vivid Sydney brings remarkable cultural and economic development opportunities for the area,” she said.

“What makes Chatswood unique is that each year the precinct is designed as a continuous walk to take you on a sensory journey from the Chatswood Interchange, through Chatswood Mall and past Westfield Chatswood, on to The Concourse and to Chatswood Chase. This could not be possible without the valued contribution, and the collaboration of our Precinct Contributors and sponsors.

 “We have developed a reputation for being a family-friendly precinct, with a special daytime exhibition of wearable art and a light walk that is fully accessible for prams and wheelchairs,” Mayor Gail added.

NSW Minister for Tourism and Major Events, Adam Marshall welcomed Chatswood’s return to the festival.

 “Vivid Sydney is set to shine brighter than ever in Chatswood this year, with fantastic installations and activities planned for the family-friendly precinct, which opens at 5:30pm each night for 23 nights,” Mr Marshall said.

Visitors can start their journey at Chatswood Interchange, where a giant interactive screen transports you to amazing global locations using green screen technology.

 Choose from a fantastic array of international cuisines at Light Market, a pop-up market designed by the creator of Adelaide Festival’s famed Barrio precinct. Built from scaffold and recycled materials and lit by lasers, Light Market is inspired by the favelas of Brazil and Star Wars. A quirky, delicious experience, Light Market is dotted with playful light installations for kids and big kids.

Take a journey through the stars and planets, imagine life on Mars or find yourself in the middle of a black hole at The Concourse. Using NASA’s amazing imagery and 360 degree projection we take you on a deep, immersive dive into the universe.

In an addition, on weekends artists will create their vision of life in 2050, projected live on to the Anderson St facade of The Concourse. Even the park benches will come alive with chatter – when you sit on them, they will actually talk to you.

 Fashionistas will love Chatswood Chase’s World of Wearable Art exhibition, where breathtakingly unconventional costumes are on display. Combining light, art and technology these fashion garments are designed by artists and architects from around the world.

 Visitors are invited to enjoy great shopping, dining and market stalls and wander through the CBD, including The District which is known as a hotspot for Asian dining experiences.

 Vivid Sydney in Chatswood is run by Willoughby City Council and supported by Precinct Contributors Chatswood Interchange, Chatswood Chase Sydney and Westfield Chatswood.

 Vivid Sydney at Chatswood is presented as part of Vivid Sydney, which is owned, managed and produced by Destination NSW, the NSW Government’s major events and tourism agency. The Chatswood precinct is created by Bluebottle, Modelbox Design, Sydney University and Amigo & Amigo.

 Vivid Sydney at Chatswood is on every evening from 5.30pm – 10.30pm25 May to 16 June.

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