Bowen & Moriarty

Following the Public Hearing officers met with the proponents who subsequently modified the proposal as follows:

  • Reduced the height of building from 27m to a range of heights on the site, including 24

metres in the north western corner of the site, 20 metres for the majority of the site and

12 metres at the southern end adjacent to 1 Bowen Street and adjacent to and

including the heritage items at 8-10 Moriarty Road

  • Reduced the FSR from 2.5:1 to 2.18:1
  • Increased setbacks including deep soil planting areas
  • Street tree protection

Notwithstanding the changes the proposal is significantly non-comppliant with the current zoning. It is CWWPA’s position that the proposal should lay dormant to be considered in the context of the new Willoughby LEP


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