No amalgamation

NoThe State Government has announced that the planned amalgamation between Willoughby. North Sydney and Mosman Councils will not proceed. One reason given was that it was considered inaapropriate to have elections and September then to have to sack Councils soon after.

The threat of amalgamation is now dormant, unlikely dead. It behooves Council to actively pursue collaborative endeavors with neighbouring Councils. There are better models than amalgamation to achieve benefits for the people of the region. Whatever Council does it should not be complacent but proactive. Do not wait to be blindsided. Take the high ground. The Prince and the Art of War should be mandatory reading for all aspiring candidates at the upcoming election.

Thanks Jim


Jim McCredie with Mayor Gail and President Kay

Last night saw CWWPA President Kay Freudenstein and Willoughby Mayor Gail -Giles Gidney recognise former CWWPA President Jim McCredie for his long service to the Willoughby and Chatswood communities.



For many years of passionate and dedicated service to the residents of Chatswood West Ward including as President of the Chatswood West Ward Progress Association and the Federation of Willoughby Progress Associations.

A technical expert with a high level of understanding and empathy of local issues you provided support to the citizens of the Chatswood West Ward on many matters associated with local government.

You became renowned as ‘the 14th Councillor’ for your regular attendance at meetings of the Willoughby City Council on behalf of your members.

Best wishes from your friends and residents of West Ward and Willoughby

Jim worked as a research engineer/scientist in the Department of Defence. From 1984 he spent a number of years working for Defence in the United State on the Defence Offsets programme including sourcing rotor blades for helicopters. He retired in 1989.

After the disastrous bushfires of 1994, Jim became involved in the local Community Fire Units. An activity he undertook until relatively recently.

Jim became President of the Chatswood West Ward Progress Association around 1998. He later became President of the Federation of Willoughby Progress Associations, taking over from John Allom in 2002, a position he held to a couple of years ago.

Jim was also recognised in 2004 as the Willoughby Citizen of the year.

Some of the guests at last night’s appreciation ceremony.



Vice President Charles

Jim McCredie

Jim & Vice president Cy


Ian & Max