Vegetation management policy

The plan was previously exhibited. The report in the Council papers for Monday 10th February 2020 presents the results of the consultation process. Thirty three participants provided feedback through the Have Your Say site and six provided additional feedback direct to Council. The majority of responses received were in support of the Draft Vegetation Management Policy, Guidelines and Draft Part C.9 Vegetation Management, with minor changes. There were only three submissions that did not support the Policy.

Based on submissions the only change made to the policy was  “To enhance canopy cover in the Willoughby LGA

The main issues raised were:

1. Not to all pruning of Public Trees for Views
2. Bush Fire Risk
3. Application Notifications (when trees are to be removed)
4. Need for Flexibility to Remove Healthy Trees
5. More Education required

Council officers have recommended that Council adopt::

  1. The Vegetation Management of Willoughby Development Control Plan (WDCP)
  2. The Vegetation Management Policy and Vegetation Management Guidelines
  3. Establish the Tree Offset Planting Scheme once the Policy and Guidelines are adopted.
  4. Repeal the following Policies that have been incorporated into the Vegetation Management Policy and Guidelines, or, are no longer required due to overriding legislation:
  • Nature strips in Willoughby
  • Noxious Weed Bamboo Policy
  • Removal of Trees on Public Land Policy
  • Street Tree Pruning Policy
  • Street Trees Policy – Community Gardens Policy
  • Temporary Access Over Community Land


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