No trailers in local streets?

NoTrailerParkingThe recently implemented state-wide boat trailer parking legislation may not have achieved its desired outcomes.

Council is being asked to consider another measure to control the problem – the use of a No Parking Motor Vehicle Excepted sign. This would have the impact of banning the parking of any type of trailer, boat, box, horse float, caravan etc.

Initially this is proposed for one small area of Willoughby. However, the vast majority of residents around the area are against the proposal as they fear the trailers will simply be parked outside the restricted area in front of their homes.

After representations by CWWPA the Traffic Committee adopted the suggestion that the proposal be conducted as a trial (like on the Northern Beaches).

The State Government is expected to review the existing legislation in the second half of the year.

Note: The proposed sign would not be as clear in meaning as the one shown.


2 thoughts on “No trailers in local streets?

  1. I am not sure if Coolaroo Road is in Willoughby but there are always 3 boat trailers parked in this narrow street.

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