Housing targets

Willoughby Council recently adopted its new housing strategy to reflect expected new residential dwelling demand until 2036.

The CWWPA is calling for a review of housing targets due to COVID-19

COVID-19 has affected the underlying precepts of Australia’s population:

  • International immigration has been curtailed and could be further curtailed over the coming years
  • Internal migration patterns have been disrupted and changed

This curtailment affects both how many new residential dwellings will be required going forward and the location demand for these dwellings.

Move that: CWWPA requests that Willoughby Council, given that the recently adopted Willoughby Housing Strategy is used to inform the Willoughby Local Environmental Plan (LEP) currently in preparation, outline:

  1. When will the housing strategy be updated to reflect structural changes in Australia’s population and hence residential dwelling demand resulting from COVID-19.

2.    What changes would be anticipated to the LEP resulting from these population variations.


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