Housing strategy


The Draft Housing Strategy is a step towards a 20 year plan to guide future housing in
Willoughby City over this period. It is intended to guide the quantity, location and type of
future residential development.

The fact that Chatswood (west of the Highway) , Chatswood West and Lane Cove North do not have local shopping centres seems may provide a degree of protection from additional development.

Demographic Forecasts
The population of Willoughby is expected to rise in 2036 from its current 78,017 to 91,848
– an increase of 13,830. Couples with children is expected to be the dominant household type (+32.8%). The increase in population will also see an increase in couples without
dependents (+28.3%), and lone person households (+23.5%). The average household size is expected to decrease from the current 2.6 persons to 2.53 persons by 2036. An additional 6,700 dwellings required to 2036. A reduction in numbers of separate house dwelling type being replaced by an increase in medium / high density dwellings

Housing Land Supply and Key Directions

It was concluded to cater for an 6,700 dwellings Council should focus in three areas:

Focus area 1 to be on existing medium and high density zones, (R3 and R4) that
have not as yet been developed to the full potential of the zone

Focus area 2 to be on the proposed B4 Mixed Use zone which surrounds the B3
Commercial Core of the Central Business District

Focus area 3 In the local centres of:

– Artarmon
– Northbridge
– East Chatswood
– Penshurst Street
– Castlecrag
– Naremburn
– Willoughby South

Infrastructure Provision
Provision needs to be a collaborative process as some of the providers are State
government and not Council. Council officers have already commenced discussions with
state agencies such as NSW Education – School infrastructure. It is proposed that during
exhibition, infrastructure providers such as Roads and Maritime Services and Transport for NSW be further consulted on the endorsed areas for growth for detailed consideration regarding provision and phasing of services.


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